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12/04/2017 Sammy Seamster (CB) signed to practice squad.
12/02/2017 Calvin Pryor (S) released.
12/02/2017 Carroll Phillips (DE) promoted to active roster.
11/27/2017 Brandon Thomas (OL) signed to practice squad.
11/27/2017 Mike Meyer (K) released from practice squad.
11/23/2017 Brandon Thomas (OL) released from practice squad.
11/23/2017 Mike Meyer (K) signed to practice squad.
11/20/2017 Marcus Hardison (DL) released from practice squad.
11/20/2017 Brooks Ellis (LB) signed to practice squad.
11/20/2017 Jaelen Strong (WR) signed to practice squad.
11/18/2017 Sheldon Day (DL) waived.
11/18/2017 Jaelen Strong (WR) waived.
11/18/2017 Dede Westbrook (WR) activated from reserve/designated to return.
11/18/2017 Calvin Pryor (DB) activated from reserve/designated to return.
11/18/2017 Larry Pinkard (WR) promoted to active roster.
11/14/2017 Colin Holba (LS) signed to active roster.
11/14/2017 Matt Overton (LS) placed on reserve/injured list.
10/24/2017 Norman Price (OL) released from practice squad.
10/24/2017 Lafayette Pitts (DB) released.
10/24/2017 Jonathan Freeny (LB) signed.
10/23/2017 Brandon Thomas (OL) signed to practice squad.
10/21/2017 Jaydon Mickens (WR) promoted to active roster.
10/21/2017 Max McCaffrey (WR) waived.
10/17/2017 Josh Lambo (K) signed.
10/17/2017 Jason Myers (K) released.
10/16/2017 Charlie Miller (DB) signed to practice squad.
10/16/2017 Raysean Pringle (DB) released from practice squad.
10/13/2017 Norman Price (OL) signed to practice squad.
10/13/2017 Oni Omoile (OL) released from practice squad.
10/09/2017 Oni Omoile (OL) signed to practice squad.
10/09/2017 Chris Reed (OL) promoted to active roster.
10/09/2017 Jhurell Pressley (RB) released.
10/07/2017 Ryan Nassib (QB) released.
10/07/2017 Chris Reed (OL) promoted to the 53-man active roster.
09/26/2017 Tim Cook (RB) was placed on our practice squad injured list.
09/26/2017 Jhurell Pressley (RB) signed to practice squad.
09/19/2017 Jaelen Strong (WR) signed.
09/19/2017 Michael Bennett (DT) placed on reserve/injured list.
09/18/2017 Calvin Pryor (S) placed on reserve/injured list.
09/12/2017 Max McCaffrey (WR) signed.
09/12/2017 Allen Robinson (WR) placed on reserve/injured list.
09/08/2017 Calvin Pryor (S) claimed off waivers.
09/08/2017 Josh Walker (OL) signed.
09/08/2017 Dede Westbrook (WR) placed on reserve/injured list.
09/08/2017 Earl Watford (OL) released.
09/05/2017 Raysean Pringle (CV) signed to practice squad.
09/04/2017 Carroll Phillips (OLB) signed to practice squad.
09/04/2017 Stanley Jean-Baptiste (CB) signed to practice squad.
09/03/2017 William Poehls (OT) claimed off waivers.
09/03/2017 Lafayette Pitts (DB) claimed off waivers.
09/03/2017 Donald Payne (LB) claimed off waivers.
09/03/2017 James O’Shaughnessy (TE) claimed off waivers.
09/03/2017 Eli Ankou (DT) claimed off waivers.
09/03/2017 Stefan Charles (DT) released.
09/03/2017 Neal Sterling (WR) waived.
09/03/2017 Hayes Pullard (LB) waived.
09/03/2017 Jeremiah Poutasi (OT) waived.
09/03/2017 Brandon Allen (QB) waived.
09/03/2017 Amba Etta-Tawo (WR) signed to practice squad.
09/03/2017 Tracy Howard (DB) signed to practice squad.
09/03/2017 David Grinnage (TE) signed to practice squad.
09/03/2017 Chris Reed (OL) signed to practice squad.
09/03/2017 Avery Gennessy (OL) signed to practice squad.
09/03/2017 Hunter Dimick (DL) signed to practice squad.
09/03/2017 Tim Cook (RB) signed to practice squad.
09/02/2017 Luke Bowanko (OL) traded to BAL.
09/02/2017 Josh McNary (LB) released.
09/02/2017 Shane Wynn (WR) waived/injured.
09/02/2017 Rashad Green Sr. placed on reserve/injured list.
09/02/2017 Jarrod Harper (S) waived.
09/02/2017 Doran Grant (CB) waived/injured.
09/02/2017 Jonathan Woodard (DE) waived.
09/02/2017 Carroll Phillips (DE) waived.
09/02/2017 Chris Reed (OL) waived.
09/02/2017 Kevin Maurice (DT) waived.
09/02/2017 Nila Kasitati (OL) waived.
09/02/2017 Stanley Jean-Baptiste (CB) waived.
09/02/2017 Tracy Howard (DB) waived.
09/02/2017 David Grinnage (TE) waived.
09/02/2017 Avery Gennesy (OL) waived.
09/02/2017 Amba Etta-Tawo (WR) waived.
09/02/2017 Alex Ellis (TE) waived.
09/02/2017 Brian Dixon (CB) waived.
09/02/2017 Hunter Dimick (DE) waived.
09/02/2017 Tim Cook (RB) waived.
09/02/2017 Malliciah Goodman (DE) released.
09/02/2017 Andrew Gachkar (LB) released.
09/01/2017 Marquez Williams (FB) waived/injured.
09/01/2017 Mychal Rivera (TE) placed on reserve/injured list.
09/01/2017 Jeron Johnson (DB) placed on reserve/injured list.
09/01/2017 Dwayne Thomas (CB) waived.
09/01/2017 Jamal Robinson (WR) waived.
09/01/2017 Demetrius Rhaney (OL) waived.
09/01/2017 Larry Pinkard (WR) waived.
09/01/2017 Tueni Lupeamanu (DT) waived.
09/01/2017 Charles James II (CB) waived.
09/01/2017 DuJuan Harris (RB) waived.
09/01/2017 Jonathan Grimes (RB) waived.
09/01/2017 Akeem Dent (LB) waived.
09/01/2017 Malcom Bunche (OL) waived.
09/01/2017 P.J. Davis (LB) waived.
09/01/2017 Caleb Blueitt (TE) waived.
08/28/2017 Akeem Dent (LB) signed.
08/28/2017 Ezra Robinson (CB) waived.
08/27/2017 Audie Cole (LB) released.
08/20/2017 DuJuan Harris (RB) signed.
08/14/2017 Charles James II (CB) signed.
08/14/2017 Kenneth Walker (WR) waived.
08/14/2017 Dwayne Thomas (CB) signed.
08/14/2017 Ezra Robinson (CB) waived.
08/14/2017 David Grinnage (TE) signed.
08/14/2017 Josh Johnson (CB) waived/injured.
08/13/2017 Andrew Gachkar (LB) signed.
08/13/2017 Justin Horton (OLB) waived/injured.
08/11/2017 Jonathan Grimes (RB) signed.
08/11/2017 Tyler Gaffney (RB) waived/injured.
08/06/2017 Jeron Johnson (S) signed.
08/06/2017 James Sample (SS) released.
08/03/2017 Malcolm Bunche (OG) signed.
08/03/2017 Matt Overton (LS) signed.
08/03/2017 Carson Tinker (LS) placed on reserve/injured list.
08/03/2017 I'Tavius Mathers (RB) waived/injured.
08/02/2017 Tyler Gaffney (RB) signed contract.
07/31/2017 Branden Albert (OL) placed on exempt/left team.
07/31/2017 Charles Gaines (CB) signed.
07/31/2017 Taurean Nixon (CB) waived/injured.
07/25/2017 Brandon Linder (OL) signed a five-year contract extension.
07/25/2017 Stanley Jean-Baptiste (CB) signed.
07/22/2017 Jalen Ramsey (CB) placed on Active/PUP list.
07/22/2017 Aaron Colvin (CB) played on Active/PUP list.
07/20/2017 Marquez Williams (FB) placed on Active/PUP list.
07/17/2017 Charlie Miller (DB) released via injury settlement.
06/21/2017 Demetrius Rhaney (OL) claimed off waivers from LAR.
06/21/2017 Parker Collins (OL) released.
06/16/2017 Taurean Nixon (CB) claimed from DEN.
06/16/2017 Jeremy Cutrer (CV) released.
05/22/2017 Brian Dixon (CB) signed.
05/22/2017 Bryan Walters (WR) placed on injured reserve.
05/22/2017 Tyler Patmon (CB) signed.
05/15/2017 Kevin Maurice (DT) signed.
05/15/2017 Jarrod Harper (S) signed.
05/15/2017 Louis Nix (DL) released.
05/15/2017 Akeem Davis (CB) released.
05/09/2017 Marcus Rush (LB) released.
05/01/2017 Kenneth Walker (WR) signed.
05/01/2017 Ezra Robinson (CB) signed.
05/01/2017 Carroll Phillips (DE) signed.
05/01/2017 Charlie Miller (S) signed.
05/01/2017 I'Tavius Mathers (RB) signed.
05/01/2017 Justin Horton (LB) signed.
05/01/2017 Avery Gennesy (OL) signed.
05/01/2017 Amba Etta-Tawo (WR) signed.
05/01/2017 Hunter Dimick (DE) signed.
05/01/2017 P.J. Davis (LB) signed.
05/01/2017 Jeremy Cutrer (CB) signed.
05/01/2017 Tim Cook (RB) signed contract.
05/01/2017 Parker Collins (OL) signed.
05/01/2017 Keelan Cole (WR) signed contract.
05/01/2017 Caleb Bluiett (TE) signed contract.
05/01/2017 Raphael Kirby (LB) released.
05/01/2017 Tony Washington (WR) released.
05/01/2017 Greg Van Roten (OL) released.
05/01/2017 Arturo Uzdavinis (OL) released.
05/01/2017 Elijah Shumate (S) released.
05/01/2017 Gannon Sinclair (TE) released.
05/01/2017 Daryl Richardson (RB) released.
05/01/2017 Colin Kelly (OL) released.
05/01/2017 Sean Porter (LB) released.
05/01/2017 Bronson Hill (RB) released.
05/01/2017 E.J. Bibbs (TE) released.
04/27/2017 Marquez Williams (FB) drafted.
04/27/2017 Jalen Myrick (CB) drafted.
04/27/2017 Blair Brown (LB) drafted.
04/27/2017 Dede Westbrook (WR) drafted.
04/27/2017 Dawuane Smoot (DE) drafted.
04/27/2017 Cam Robinson (OL) drafted.
04/27/2017 Leonard Fournette (RB) drafted.
04/21/2017 DB Tracy Howard claimed off waivers from CLE.
04/17/2017 Larry Pinkard (WR) signed.
04/17/2017 Tommy Bohanon (FB) signed.
04/12/2017 Chris Smith (DE) traded to Cincinnati.
04/11/2017 Dan Skuta (LB) released.
03/24/2017 Malliciah Goodman (DE) signed.
03/23/2017 Mychal Rivera (TE) signed.
03/16/2017 Josh McNary (LB) signed.
03/12/2017 Roy Miller (DT) released.
03/11/2017 Earl Watford (OL) signed.
03/11/2017 Stefan Charles (DT) signed.
03/10/2017 Barry Church (S) signed.
03/10/2017 Calais Campbell (DL) signed.
03/10/2017 Lerentee McCray (DE) signed.
03/10/2017 A.J. Bouye (CB) signed.
03/09/2017 Branden Albert (LT) acquired via trade from Miami.
03/09/2017 Julius Thomas (TE) traded to Miami.
03/09/2017 Sen'Derrick Marks (DT) released.
03/09/2017 Bryan Walters (WR) re-signed.
03/08/2017 Exclusive rights tender placed on Peyton Thompson (S).
03/07/2017 Patrick Omameh (OL) re-signed.
03/06/2017 Davon House (CB) released.
02/27/2017 Greg Van Roten (OL) signed.
02/20/2017 Jared Odrick (DE) released.
01/11/2017 Colin Kelly (OL) signed to reserve/future contract.
01/10/2017 Elijah Shumate (S) signed to reserve/future contract.
01/09/2017 Jamal Robinson (WR) signed to reserve/future contract.
01/04/2017 Louis Nix (DT) re-signed to reserve/future contract.
01/02/2017 E.J. Bibbs (TE) signed to reserve/future contract.
01/02/2017 Doran Grant (CB) signed to reserve/future contract.
01/02/2017 Nila Kasitati (OL) signed to reserve/future contract.
01/02/2017 Raphael Kirby (K) signed to reserve/future contract.
01/02/2017 Gannon Sinclair (TE) signed to reserve/future contract.
01/02/2017 Arturo Uzdavinis (OT) signed to reserve/future contract.
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