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Date Description
12/17/2014 Khairi Fortt (LB) placed on injured reserve
12/17/2014 Stephen Morris (QB) signed to 53-man roster
12/17/2014 Matt Daniels (S) signed to 53-man roster
12/16/2014 Denard Robinson (RB) placed on injured reserve
12/03/2014 Austin Pasztor (OT) placed on injured reserve
12/03/2014 A.J. Edds (LB) signs contract
12/02/2014 Mike Brown (WR) signed to practice squad
11/28/2014 Tommy Streeter (WR) signed to 53-man roster
11/28/2014 Mike Brown (WR) waived
11/18/2014 Marcus Whitfield (LB) signed to practice squad
11/17/2014 Michael Flacco (TE) waived from practice squad
11/17/2014 Nathan Slaughter (WR) waived from injured reserve
11/17/2014 Marcedes Lewis (TE) activated to 53-man roster
11/17/2014 Allen Robinson (WR) placed on injured reserve
11/12/2014 Peyton Thompson (CB) signed to practice squad
11/11/2014 Peyton Thompson (CB) waived
11/11/2014 Dekoda Watson (LB) waived
11/11/2014 Teddy Williams (CB) claimed off waivers
11/11/2014 Lou Young (CB) waived off practice squad
11/11/2014 Aaron Colvin activated to 53-man roster
11/03/2014 Khairi Fortt (LB) signed to 53-man roster off Bengals practice squad
11/03/2014 Will Blackmon (CB) placed on injured reserve
10/29/2014 Alan Ball (CB) placed on injured reserve
10/29/2014 Tommie Campbell (CB) signs contract
10/27/2014 Matt Daniels (S) signed to practice squad
10/25/2014 Tavarres King (WR) waived
10/25/2014 Peyton Thompson (CB) signed to 53-man roster
10/21/2014 Louis Young (CB) signed to practice squad
10/20/2014 Chris Smith (DE) signed to 53-man roster
10/20/2014 Paul Posluszny (LB) placed on injured reserve
10/14/2014 Marcel Jensen (TE) placed on practice squad injury list
10/14/2014 Michael Flacco (TE) signed to practice squad
10/07/2014 Kerry Taylor (WR) waived from practice squad.
10/07/2014 Mickey Shuler (TE) signed to practice squad
10/04/2014 Mickey Shuler (TE) waived
10/04/2014 Ace Sanders (WR/PR) activated to 53-man roster
09/30/2014 Deion Belue (CB) waived from injured reserve
09/29/2014 Tommy Streeter (WR) signed to practice squad
09/29/2014 Winston Guy Jr. (S) waived
09/29/2014 Craig Loston (S) signed to 53-man roster
09/26/2014 Chris Prosinski (S) agrees to injury settlement
09/24/2014 Michael Egnew (TE) waived from practice squad
09/24/2014 Marcus Whitfield (LB) waived from practice squad
09/24/2014 Kerry Taylor (WR) signed to practice squad
09/24/2014 Marcel Jensen (TE) signed to practice squad
09/24/2014 Chris Prosinski (S) placed on injured reserve
09/23/2014 Eric Kettani (FB) signed to practice squad
09/23/2014 Kerry Taylor (WR) waived
09/23/2014 Marcel Jensen (TE) waived
09/23/2014 Chris Prosinski (S) waived/injured
09/23/2014 Sherrod Martin (S) signs contract
09/23/2014 Nic Jacobs (TE) signs contract
09/23/2014 Jeremiah George (LB) signs contract
09/22/2014 Craig Loston (S) signed to practice squad
09/20/2014 Craig Loston (S) waived
09/20/2014 Kerry Taylor (WR) signed to 53-man roster
09/16/2014 Cody Booth (OT) signed to practice squad
09/16/2014 Cameron Bradfield (OT) waived
09/16/2014 Marcedes Lewis (TE) placed on injured reserve/designated to return
09/16/2014 Marcel Jensen (TE) signed to 53-man roster
09/16/2014 Tavarres King (WR) signs contract
09/15/2014 Chris Smith (DE) signed to practice squad
09/13/2014 Chris Smith (DE) waived
09/13/2014 Craig Loston (S) signed to 53-man roster
09/09/2014 Reggie Jordan (TE) waived from injured reserve
09/09/2014 Michael Egnew (TE) signed to practice squad
09/09/2014 Cody Booth (OT) waived from practice squad
09/05/2014 Brandon Barden (TE) agrees to injury settlement
09/02/2014 Marcel Jensen (TE) signed to practice squad
09/01/2014 Henry Josey (RB) signed to practice squad
09/01/2014 Peyton Thompson (CB) signed to practice squad
09/01/2014 Ace Sanders (WR/PR) is moved to reserve/suspended list
08/31/2014 Tony Washington (WR) signed to practice squad
08/31/2014 Marcus Whitfield (LB) signed to practice squad
08/31/2014 Kerry Taylor (WR) signed to practice squad
08/31/2014 Craig Loston (S) signed to practice squad
08/31/2014 DeAndre Coleman (DT) signed to practice squad
08/31/2014 Cody Booth (OT) signed to practice squad
08/31/2014 Stephen Morris (QB) signed to practice squad
08/31/2014 Mickey Shuler (TE) awarded off waivers
08/31/2014 Marcel Jensen (TE) waived
08/30/2014 Brandon Barden (TE) is placed on injured reserve
08/30/2014 Jamell Fleming (CB) waived
08/30/2014 Sherrod Martin (S) waived
08/30/2014 Nate Stupar (LB) waived
08/30/2014 Kerry Taylor (WR) waived
08/29/2014 David Carter (DE) agrees to injury settlement
08/29/2014 Marcus Whitfield (LB) waived
08/29/2014 D.J. Tialavea (TE) waived
08/29/2014 Craig Loston (S) waived
08/29/2014 Stephen Morris (QB) waived
08/29/2014 Kasey Redfern (K/P) waived
08/29/2014 Ricky Havili-Heimuli (DT) waived
08/29/2014 DeAndre Coleman (DL) waived
08/29/2014 Brandon Barden (TE) waived/injured
08/29/2014 Cody Booth (OT) waived
08/29/2014 Eric Kettani (FB) waived
08/29/2014 Chad Bumphis (WR) waived
08/29/2014 Ricky Stanzi (QB) waived
08/29/2014 Gerald Rivers (DE) waived
08/29/2014 Drew Nowak (G) waived
08/29/2014 Mike Brewster (C) waived
08/29/2014 Rashaad Reynolds (CB) placed on injured reserve
08/29/2014 Tandon Doss (WR) placed on injured reserve
08/26/2014 Deion Belue (DB) placed on injured reserve
08/26/2014 Aaron Colvin (CB) placed on reserve/non-football injury list
08/25/2014 David Carter (DT) placed on injured reserve
08/25/2014 Terrance Cobb (RB) waived
08/25/2014 Lamaar Thomas (WR) waived
08/25/2014 Ace Sanders (WR) moved to active roster
08/25/2014 Deion Belue (DB) waive/injured
08/24/2014 Charley Hughlett (LS) waived
08/24/2014 Kenny Shaw (WR) waived
08/24/2014 Patrick Lewis (C) waived
08/24/2014 David Carter (DT) waive/injured
08/24/2014 Joe Young (S) waived
08/24/2014 Josh Hull (LB) waived
08/24/2014 Harvey Unga (FB) waived
08/24/2014 Antoine Caldwell (C) waived
08/24/2014 Allen Bradford (LB) waived
08/24/2014 Ramses Barden (WR) waived
08/24/2014 Mike Harris (CB) waived
08/21/2014 Fendi Onobun (TE) placed on injured reserve
08/20/2014 Matt Stankiewitch (C) agrees to injury settlement
08/20/2014 Fendi Onobun (TE) waive/injured
08/20/2014 Eric Kettani (FB) signs contract
08/17/2014 Bradie Ewing (FB) placed on injured reserve
08/16/2014 Cody Booth (OT) signs contract
08/16/2014 Harvey Unga (FB) signs contract
08/16/2014 Bradie Ewing (FB) waived/injured
08/16/2014 Chad Hall (WR) waived
08/16/2014 Matt Stankiewitch (C) placed on injured reserve
08/13/2014 Matt Stankiewitch (C) waived/injured
08/13/2014 Antoine Caldwell (C) signs contract
08/08/2014 Reggie Jordan (TE) placed on injured reserve
08/08/2014 Jordan Miller (DT) agrees to injury settlement
08/07/2014 Reggie Jordan (TE) waived/injured
08/07/2014 Nathan Slaughter (WR) placed on injured reserve
08/07/2014 Fendi Onobun (TE) signs contract
08/06/2014 Nathan Slaughter (WR) waived/injured
08/06/2014 Chad Hall (WR) signs contract
08/06/2014 Jerome Junior (S) waived
08/06/2014 Ramses Barden (WR) signs contract
08/05/2014 Jordan Miller (DT) placed on injured reserve
08/05/2014 Damian Copeland (WR) placed on injured reserve
08/05/2014 John Lotulelei (LB) placed on injured reserve
08/02/2014 John Lotulelei (LB) injured/waived
08/02/2014 David Carter (DE) signs contract
08/02/2014 Josh Hull (LB) signs contract
08/02/2014 Kenny Shaw (WR) signs contract
08/02/2014 Jordan Miller (DT) injured/waived
08/02/2014 Damian Copeland (WR) injured/waived
07/23/2014 Deion Belue (DB) signs contract
07/23/2014 Beau Blankenship (RB) waived
07/22/2014 Ace Sanders (WR) placed on active/non-football injury/illness list
07/22/2014 Aaron Colvin (CB) placed on active/non-football injury list
07/22/2014 Alan Ball (CB) placed on active/physically unable to perform (PUP) list
07/22/2014 Dekoda Watson (LB) placed on active/physically unable to perform (PUP) list
07/18/2014 Marqise Lee (WR) signs contract
06/24/2014 Allen Robinson (WR) signs contract
06/19/2014 Brandon Wimberly (WR) waived
06/19/2014 Kevin Smith (WR) waived
06/19/2014 Nathan Slaughter (WR) signs contract
06/19/2014 Kasey Redfern (P) signs contract
06/19/2014 Charley Hughlett (LS) signs contract
06/19/2014 Jason Babin (DE) released
06/18/2014 Blake Bortles (QB) signs contract
06/09/2014 Brandon Linder (G) signs contract
06/09/2014 DeMarcus Love (OT) released
06/09/2014 Brandon Wimberly (WR) signs contract
06/05/2014 Trevor Gillette (LS) waived
06/05/2014 Kevin Smith (WR) claimed off waivers from Arizona Cardinals
05/27/2014 Telvin Smith (LB) signs contract
05/21/2014 Aaron Colvin (CB) signs contract
05/21/2014 Chris Smith (DE) signs contract
05/20/2014 Storm Johnson (RB) signs contract
05/19/2014 Luke Bowanko (C) signs contract
05/17/2014 Beau Blankenship (RB) signs contract
05/17/2014 Jerome Junior (S) signs contract
05/17/2014 Chad Zinchini (P) released
05/17/2014 Jeff Budzien (K) released
05/15/2014 Matt Scott (QB) released
05/13/2014 Allen Bradford (LB) claimed off waivers from New York Giants
05/12/2014 Chad Zinchini (P) agreed to terms
05/12/2014 Marcus Whitfield (LB) agreed to terms
05/12/2014 D.J. Tialavea (TE) agreed to terms
05/12/2014 Tyler Shatley (G) agreed to terms
05/12/2014 Rashaad Reynolds (CB) agreed to terms
05/12/2014 Stephen Morris (QB) agreed to terms
05/12/2014 Marcel Jensen (TE) agreed to terms
05/12/2014 Reggie Jordan (TE) agreed to terms
05/12/2014 Ricky Havili-Heimuli (DT) agreed to terms
05/12/2014 Trevor Gillette (LS) agreed to terms
05/12/2014 Allen Hurns (WR) agreed to terms
05/12/2014 DeAndre Coleman (DT) agreed to terms
05/12/2014 Craig Loston (S) agreed to terms
05/12/2014 Terrance Cobb (RB) agreed to terms
05/12/2014 Damian Copeland (WR) agreed to terms
05/12/2014 Jeff Budzien (K) agreed to terms
05/12/2014 Delone Carter (RB) released
05/12/2014 Shaun Chapas (RB) released
05/12/2014 Stephen Williams (WR) released
05/12/2014 Will Rackley (G) released
05/12/2014 Drake Nevis (DT) released
05/12/2014 Jeremy Ebert (WR) released
05/10/2014 Storm Johnson (RB) drafted
05/10/2014 Luke Bowanko (C) drafted
05/10/2014 Chris Smith (DE/OLB) drafted
05/10/2014 Telvin Smith (LB) drafted
05/10/2014 Aaron Colvin (CB) drafted
05/09/2014 Brandon Linder (G) drafted
05/09/2014 Allen Robinson (WR) drafted
05/09/2014 Marqise Lee (WR) drafted
05/08/2014 Blake Bortles (QB) drafted
05/02/2014 Danny Noble (TE) released
05/02/2014 Stephane Milhim (G) released
04/23/2014 Stephen Burton (WR) waived
04/17/2014 D'Aundre Reed (DE) released
04/17/2014 Jabin Sambrano (WR) released
04/17/2014 Will Pericak (OT) released
04/17/2014 Russell Allen (LB) released
03/25/2014 Bradie Ewing (FB) claimed off waivers from Atlanta
03/18/2014 Tandon Doss (WR) signs contract
03/13/2014 Ziggy Hood (DT) signs contract
03/13/2014 Chris Clemons (DE) signs contract
03/12/2014 Zane Beadles (G) signs contract
03/12/2014 Dekoda Watson (LB) signs contract
03/11/2014 Toby Gerhart (RB) signs contract
03/11/2014 Blaine Gabbert (QB) traded to San Francisco
03/11/2014 Justin Forsett (RB) released
03/11/2014 Chad Henne (QB) signs contract
03/09/2014 Red Bryant (DE) signs contract
03/04/2014 Uche Nwaneri (G) released
01/15/2014 Joe Young (S) signs contract
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