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Date Description
08/29/2015 Tommie Campbell (CB) waived.
08/29/2015 Josh Wells (OL) placed in injured reserve.
08/29/2015 Jeff Tuel (QB) waived.
08/29/2015 Jack Rummells (OL) waived.
08/29/2015 Kasey Redfern (K/P) waived.
08/29/2015 Greg Jenkins (WR) waived/injured.
08/29/2015 Connor Hamlett (TE) waived.
08/29/2015 Dante Fowler, Jr. (DE) placed on injured reserve.
08/29/2015 Khairi Fortt (LB) waived.
08/29/2015 Tandon Doss (WR) waived.
08/29/2015 Eric Crume (DT) waived.
08/29/2015 Desmond Cooper (S) waived.
08/29/2015 Mister Alexander (LB) waived
08/25/2015 Brennan Williams (OL) reaches injury settlement and is waived
08/25/2015 Brennan Williams (OL) clears waivers and is placed on injured reserve
08/25/2015 Damian Copeland (WR) clears waivers and is placed on injured reserve
08/24/2015 Arrelious Benn (WR) placed on injured reserve
08/24/2015 Brennan Williams (OL) waived/injured
08/24/2015 Mister Alexander (LB) signs contract
08/24/2015 Erik Lora (WR) signs contract
08/24/2015 Will Corbin (OL) signs contract
08/24/2015 Damian Copeland (WR) waived/injured
08/17/2015 Matt Robinson (LB) reaches an injury settlement and is waived
08/17/2015 James Sample (FS) removed from Active/PUP list and placed on active roster
08/17/2015 Chris Clemons (DE) removed from Active/Non-Football Illness list and placed on active roster
08/11/2015 Matt Robinson (LB) placed on injured reserve
08/10/2015 Matt Robinson (LB) waived/injured
08/10/2015 Camaron Beard (DE) signs contract
08/05/2015 Storm Johnson (RB) removed from Active/Non-Football Illness list and placed on active roster
08/02/2015 Cap Capi (DE) placed on active roster
07/31/2015 Chris Clemons (DE) placed on Active/Non-Football Injury list
07/29/2015 Storm Johnson (RB) placed on Active/Non-Football Illness list
07/28/2015 Cap Capi (DE) placed on Active/Non-Football Injury list
07/28/2015 James Sample (S) placed on Active/PUP list
07/28/2015 Sen'Derrick Marks (DT) placed on Active/PUP list
07/24/2015 Greg Jenkins (WR) signs contract
07/17/2015 Ace Sanders (WR) released
06/01/2015 Jeff Tuel (QB) awarded off waivers from the Bills
06/01/2015 Jake Waters (QB) waived
05/18/2015 Rashad Greene (WR) signs contract
05/15/2015 Michael Bennett (DT) signs contract
05/14/2015 Ben Koyack (TE) signs contract
05/13/2015 James Sample (FS) signs contract
05/13/2015 Neal Sterling (WR) signs contract
05/11/2015 Dante Fowler Jr. (DE) signs contract
05/11/2015 Tommy Streeter (WR) waived
05/11/2015 Derek Dimke (K) waived
05/11/2015 Jeremy Deering (S) waived
05/11/2015 Jack Rummells (OL) signs contract
05/11/2015 Desmond Cooper (FS) signs contract
05/11/2015 Kasey Closs (WR/PR) signs contract
05/11/2015 Cap Capi (DE) signs contract
05/11/2015 Richard Ash (DT) signs contract
05/11/2015 Marcel Jensen (TE) waived
05/07/2015 Jake Waters (QB) signs contract
05/07/2015 Todd Thomas (LB) signs contract
05/07/2015 Matt Robinson (LB) signs contract
05/07/2015 Chris Reed (G) signs contract
05/07/2015 Nick Marshall (CB) signs contract
05/07/2015 Connor Hamlett (TE) signs contract
05/07/2015 Corey Grant (RB) signs contract
05/07/2015 Eric Crume (DT) signs contract
05/07/2015 Thurston Armbrister (LB) signs contract
05/02/2015 Ben Koyack drafted
05/02/2015 Neal Sterling drafted
05/02/2015 Rashad Greene drafted
05/02/2015 Michael Bennett drafted
05/02/2015 James Sample drafted
05/01/2015 A.J. Cann drafted
05/01/2015 T.J. Yeldon drafted
04/30/2015 Dante Fowler Jr. drafted
04/18/2015 Stefen Wisniewski (C) signs contract
03/31/2015 Bradie Ewing (FB) waived
03/19/2015 Bernard Pierce (RB) awarded off waivers from the Baltimore Ravens.
03/13/2015 Bryan Walters (WR/RS) signs contract
03/12/2015 Red Bryant (DE) released
03/11/2015 Sergio Brown (FS) signs contract
03/11/2015 Dan Skuta (LB) signs contract
03/11/2015 Davon House (CB) signs contract
03/11/2015 Jermey Parnell (OT) signs contract
03/11/2015 Jared Odrick (DE) signs contract
03/11/2015 Julius Thomas (TE) signs contract
03/09/2015 Exclusive rights free agent Austin Pasztor (OT) signs a contract
03/08/2015 Exclusive rights free agent Tyson Alualu (DE) signs a contract
03/06/2015 Exclusive rights free agent Ryan Davis (DE) signs a contract
03/03/2015 Jason Myers (K) signs contract
02/26/2015 Will Blackmon (CB) released
02/20/2015 Brennan Williams (OT) signs contract
01/29/2015 Kasey Redfern (P) signs reserve/future contract
01/07/2015 Ikponmwosa Igbinosun (DE) signs reserve/future contract
01/05/2015 Jeremy Deering (S) signs reserve/future contract
01/05/2015 Derek Dimke (K) signs reserve/future contract
01/05/2015 Arrelious Benn (WR) signs reserve/future contract
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