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Abry Jones - Sunday, September 23, 2018

(On his thoughts on today's game) "It was a tough game, they're a great team and it just really came down to we made more mistakes than them. I'm not sure how many sacks they had today but they had them. I know we had some penalties like a block in the back and then had a false start. We had a couple of drives that we started good and we get a first down and we keep hurting ourselves. That's what it came down to: they're not hurting themselves and we hurt ourselves in all three phases."

(On his thoughts on Calais Campbell's effort) "That's Calais Campbell. He's always been like that. We look for him to have games like that, but we've just got to finish. That's what it comes down to. He put us in position to win with his play along with other people on the field. We just got to come through on our end."

(On how it feels to lose after only giving up 9 points) "There's nothing to enjoy. We gave up 9 points and if we give up 3, we win. That's how we see it. There's no set number that makes it a good or bad day. If you take a loss, it's a bad day."