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Andrew Norwell - Sunday, August 5, 2018

(On what it meant to play in front of the fans on Friday night) "'Friday Night Lights' was great to show support for our fans and afterwards, we got to sign autographs for them. Our fans are our biggest supporters, so it was a great event." 

(On how it felt to play at TIAA Bank Field) "It felt great being out on the field. It was my first experience out there with my helmet and shoulder pads and stuff. I am just working every day to get better, and it was a great feeling, for sure." 

(On the heat during practice today) "It was a tough one, but you expect that in training camp. You train and you are getting prepared to win games. Today was a good practice and a good step moving forward." 

(On Coach Marrone's comments that he wants practice to be harder than the games) "I think Michael Jordan said it best. 'You practice how you play' and that is for sure with this mindset of this training camp. [We are] just going out there every day and getting better and that is what it is all about." 

(On training camp so far and getting to play against another opponent this week) "I am looking forward to it – just working together with my teammates. Last week was a grind. That was a big week for us to set the team identity. I am looking forward to playing the Saints, and I can't wait for this week." 

(On not being very talkative) "I am locked in. I am doing my job. I can only control what I can control. I am learning my teammates as well. That is what this time is for. I just go about my business very seriously, and I'm learning my teammates as well and building trust and all of that other good stuff." 

(On RB Leonard Fournette) "He's a great kid, and we are building that bond." 

(On the importance of the running game) "Just come out and set the attitude for the game. Like coach said before, we have to get 100 [rushing] yards a game, and that is a big statistic he believes in to win games around here and just playing winning football." 

(On if it is positive to be playing a team he is familiar with in New Orleans) "Yeah. I played them last year three times. We lost to them three times, but I am looking forward to going out and playing them and giving my best effort and just going out there and giving my best."

(On how close his intensity in these practices is compared to games) "It's pretty close with these practices. You just want to give your best effort out there because every day you are getting evaluated and you want to give your best when you are on the field."