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Blake Bortles - Saturday, August 18, 2018

Q: Obviously there was an interception, and that's not what you want, but then to come back with a 12-play drive, did that sort of put a little confidence back in you?

A: Yeah, it was a bad play. Shouldn't have thrown it. But to be able to overcome that like you said and come back together and score that drive, you know that was a big plus.

Q: Half way through the preseason, do you feel like the offense is on the right track?

A: Yeah, we're definitely headed the right way, we still got some things to fix, and things to improve on, but we still got two more weeks to work on that stuff to be able to be ready to go from Week One. So, that's what we'll be working on these two weeks, is fine-tuning all that stuff.

Q: From your standpoint, when you got different guys coming in, and having to play roles in front of you, how do you adapt to that, what do you have to do?

A: Yeah I think you have to treat them all the same. You know, I got confidence that those guys are going to get their jobs done and do what they're supposed to do. And they've proven that. They deserve that trust and that confidence from me. They do a good job filling in the holes and playing when they need to.

Q: What was the difference between this game and last game?

A: We've had a good chance to practice and get some work in all throughout this week.

Q: Did players being injured make this game a challenge?

A: It's tough because you don't ever want to see anybody get hurt in the preseason, especially guys that you expect to be your starters. So, that's tough but those guys are working hard in order to get back and be ready to go Week One. The guys that have filled in have done a good job. [Chris] Reed, [Tyler] Shatley and [Josh] Wells, they're guys that have played in some big-time games and have gotten some good experience so, to have those guys as backups and for them to really step up and play has been a big force.

Q: How are things looking for this next week?

A: Taking care of the ball is always a huge thing for us that's something we always want to do. I think we've got to clean up some of the plays and stuff like that. Just stop hurting ourselves and try to find a way to be efficient.