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Blake Bortles - Sunday, September 23, 2018

(On the offense) "Offensively we didn't play good. We killed ourselves. We made stupid penalties, drops, missing throws. We have to not hurt ourselves. I think especially the way our defense is and the way they play, we have to score one touchdown and win the game. Not score six points in four quarters, that's bad as an offense. You have to find a way to get the ball in the end zone. Find a way to win. You have to give them credit defensively. They played good."

(On what the Titans defense does differently) "Nothing. They do the same thing everybody else does. We just didn't execute. We have to make plays. We can't be first and 20, second and 20. We get the opportunity, we need to make the play. Do what we do all week in practice. Just translate that to the field. We have to move the ball. Continue to get first downs and put up points. We just didn't do that today."

(On Titans taking away downfield passes) "They were deep and off. They did a good job of keeping our receivers in front of them. Had some good check downs. Getting the ball to Tommy [Bohanon] and the backs a couple of times and letting them run. Had a couple more opportunities on the third down. Had one drive and got a couple of balls tipped. Keelan [Cole] running across the third down and that got tipped. I have to find a window or throw it over a guy. Get them the ball so we can stay on the field. It just came down to the lack of execution, I think, on our part."

(On if they needed this loss as a reality check) "I don't know. I think you go into an NFL season and you want to win every game you play. I think realistically you are going to lose a game. You're going to lose a couple of games. You don't want to. You don't expect to but it's going to happen. I think we need to find out and figure out how we are going to handle it as a team. We have to treat it the same we did this time last week. Win or lose we have to treat it the same. Enjoy it or sulk over it tonight, whatever. We talk about a 24-hour rule and moving on. We have to show up tomorrow and get ready to go and get back on track. We still have a chance to win the first quarter of our season and we have another home game coming back, so we need to get rolling again and get back on track."

(On if this loss stings) "It definitely feels like a letdown. I don't think there was anything carried over from last week or the previous two weeks. We try to treat it like a new start, a fresh start. Second home game of the year, first divisional game. I thought the week of preparation was really good. I thought practice all week was good. Kind of came out and offensively laid a goose egg. Score six points in four quarters is hard to do."

(On not having Leonard Fournette and two offensive linemen) "It's tough anytime you don't have your guys out there. Missing Leonard [Fournette], missing Cam [Robinson] and A.J. [Cann]. It is difficult when you are playing with guys that aren't necessarily in the rotation all the time. The guys that did play, the backs were there last week. Josh Wells came in last week in New England and was a part of that. Chris Reed has played a lot of meaningful football so we expect those guys to come in and play to the expectations of our offense, of the guys in front of them that are out. We have to do a better job as group and as a whole."

(On if the game plan during the week included Leonard Fournette) "It's not all that different of a game plan. I think probably more so in Nathaniel's [Hackett] mind of figuring that stuff out. We got the plan early this week and were ready to go and if Leonard [Fournette] was going to be able to go then we were fine with that. If not, we find a way to find running lanes and run the ball. We just have to be better."