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Cody Kessler - Thursday, August 9, 2018

(On if he feels more comfortable throwing the ball down field) "Yeah, that's something I've obviously worked heavy on in the offseason and, like I said, I had a couple deep balls with DJ [Chark Jr.] and a couple with Keelan [Cole] and some other guys. It's been nice being able to show that I can push the ball down the field a lot more, but, like I said, still being smart about it, not just throwing it up for grabs. If it's there, take a shot. If not, check the ball down. The best part about this is with [Offensive Coordinator] Nate [Hackett] and [Quarterbacks Coach] Scott [Milanovich] teaching this offense and the way this offense works makes it a lot easier for me. Just going through your reads, going through progression, knowing what to do with the football helps you play a lot faster."

(On the biggest difference between getting ready with this team versus with Cleveland) "Yeah, it's a fresh start for me. I think that was the best part. Cleveland, obviously, gave me an opportunity and I played as a rookie and had a chance there and I'm always thankful for that. It was tough last year, it was a tough situation. Having a fresh start here and being in this organization and just how positive everyone here is and excited to really get the season started. Kind of welcome all the new guys in was something that was big for me and obviously I've known Blake [Bortles] for awhile. It was nice and I really just fit right in from day one."

(On how uplifting his performance was tonight) "That's something big on Coach Hackett is protecting the football first, but at the same time, he wants the quarterback to stay safe and wants you to eliminate hits. If you can throw the ball away, throw the ball away. Don't try to hang onto it, run around and do different things. For me, that was something that I really took pride in this camp is first progression, second progression, find your back, find your check down or throw the ball away. Try to eliminate those sacks, eliminate holding onto the football. That's more so of a credit to the offensive line. They did a great job tonight, really gave me a lot of time to get through those reads. That was something that they've done all camp and it's really made my job a lot easier."