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Dante Fowler Jr. - Sunday, September 16, 2018

(On the atmosphere today) "You know, I've played at The Swamp; you know I thought it was actually better than The Swamp. I honestly thought I'd never see another place like The Swamp. Just to see all the people having fun, dancing around, having a good time and winning, perfect Sunday."

(On what it was like to watch the offense click) "It was great watching the offense click like that. When the offense can do that, we don't have no worries. Everybody just go out there and do their job and everything will work out for itself. It was really cool to see the offense go out there and execute like that. They did a really great job, Blake [Bortles]did a great job, the offensive linemen did an outstanding job and the receivers did an excellent job as well. When everybody working hard like that, it's hard to beat us."

(On the strip-sack) "Getting off the ball, being relentless, got into the offensive tackle, just doing a good job of keeping us away from [Tom] Brady throughout the game. We were getting there, Brady felt us, we would bump into him. So I knew we were going to get there eventually. We came in at halftime and we said that we need to make a play, we need to get a takeaway. I told myself that I would put it upon myself that I'd do it for my team and I was able to make that happen."

(On if he had flashbacks to the 2017 AFC Championship game) "No, you're not thinking about that. You want to go out there and make a play, like you said. I was glad I was able to go and get the ball back for my team."