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Dante Fowler Jr. - Thursday, July 26, 2018

(On the conversations with his teammates since the suspension) "We really already knew it was going to happen. It's a situation that happened last year. The NFL finally took it into their hands this year. We talked and they told me what it was going to be, and I just appreciate them hearing me out and hearing my side of the story. It could have always been worse. I'm just going to take this game and be ready to when we come back for the Patriots." 

(On the challenge to getting his strength back physically) "My strength is back actually, I just want to get much stronger, and you know it's the shoulder so they just want to be careful, but my strength is actually back."  

(On if he's able to do everything he wants to with the shoulder from a conditioning standpoint) "Yes."

(On where his weight is and where he wants it to be) "Well, I'm actually big. I don't think I'm super thin. If you look at my lower body and see me in pads, I honestly think it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. Weight does not matter with this one. I'm a straight dog. It doesn't matter. Once I put on those pads it's a wrap. I'm just getting stronger. Coaches are just looking out for me, being concerned and looking out for my health, so all I can do is just get stronger, and you guys will know when I'm out there again."

(On his timetable) "It's up to them, honestly." 

(On goals he's set for himself this year) "Honestly, I don't care about that. I doubled my sack total when I was coming off the bench, you know, the production, all that percentage. To see my productivity and that percentage, I had a pretty solid year. I really just want to get to the quarterback as much as I can." 

(On his perspective overcoming the suspension and the injury) "I've been coming over everything, so it's just another challenge. Honestly, I just overcome it. [I want to] come back Patriots game and have a good game." 

(On when he hurt the shoulder) "I honestly don't know." 

(On his reaction to the Jaguars not picking up his option) "I honestly don't care." 

(On how he's approaching this year mentally) "Go out and play as best as I can on Sundays. That's it."

 (On if he feels good about the personal progress he's made in the past year) "Did I go to jail?" (Nope) "There you go."