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Dave Caldwell - Friday, April 26, 2019

(On his theories for why Jawaan Taylor fell to Round 2) "We don't have any medical concerns. I don't know where that came from. His medical grade was passable, so there was nothing that he had currently. He actually came in here and worked out for us and had a very nice workout. We were able to get him in because he is a local. He drove up here early one morning and we spent the day with him and really enjoyed the visit. He came through and we thought he would be long gone by now. I think I say that now with every second-round pick (laughs). Teams have different needs and different philosophies, different systems and why a guy falls is different for every team. It is like Tetris, putting the puzzle together."

(On why the team waited for two picks into the second round to make a trade) "The first two [teams] weren't willing to make a trade. That is why. We tried last night going up, but it was more than we wanted to give up. We wanted to preserve both our third-round picks. This trade actually made sense for us because we actually gain a pick. We went up two spots and we gained an extra pick. We get two picks out of it."

(On if the team tried to move back into the first round because they thought he would get drafted late in the first round) "The thought was that we weren't so much concerned about the teams that were slotted to pick there. We were concerned that teams had us slotted to pick a tackle with our seventh pick and there were some tackle-needy teams behind us, so our concern was teams jumping us to do that. The expense was not too much. I joked with [Raiders General Manager] Mike [Mayock that] I got to make the first trade with Mike Mayock after listening to him all these years. They were willing to move back and they gained some good value in the fourth round."

(On if Taylor fits the self-made mold as Josh Allen was described last night) "He does. If you know the story about him being a bit heavier coming in and he had to lose 'x' amount of weight to go to Florida and got that offer. He has done a really good job of re-defining his body. He came in here and he was in great shape. We did a workout here and he almost knocked [Offensive Line] Coach [George] Warhop down. He has a lot power in those legs and in those arms. I was impressed with him. He is a very fit 315-pound guy."

(On Taylor's improvement from his sophomore season to his junior season) "He did a nice job. I thought he played very well. You see he played against some of the best competition. When we interviewed Montez Sweat and Josh Allen we said, 'Who is the best tackle you went against?' This is a guy whose name kept popping up."