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DJ Chark Jr. - Sunday, September 16, 2018

(On his reaction after fumbling the ball during the game) "My teammates were like don't worry about it, but for me in my head I'm thinking like man, I made a mistake, but everybody was like don't even sweat it, we know what you can do, and that made me feel better, so I just came out and continued to play football so it wasn't a mistake that coaches were going to pull me out and sit me. So that shows me that the team has a lot of trust in me, and it made me feel good to get back on the field and continue to compete and win the game."

(On how he feels about the wide receivers on the team) "I love it and I love learning. I'm a rookie and I'm trying to catch up to speed with those guys and make plays, and I feel like It's coming soon. Like when [Keenan] Cole makes spectacular catches like the one hand on the side it just gets you excited, and Dede [Westbrook] was having a slow day at first and then to just break it for sixty plus yards. That's just the type of weapons we have and those guys just keep fighting, which is one reason I was able to keep going."

(On how he felt playing against the Patriots) "It felt good. It showed me that I can compete with anybody, and I've been competing with this defense everyday and then playing a team like the Patriots and competing with them and being able to get open and make blocks, it's a confidence booster."

(On if he learned anything today playing the Patriots defense) "Since they play man you have to be more patient with releases and setting up routes, and you have to watch out for the guy you can't see and that's usually the guy coming for the ball. That's what I learned today. I knew how to do it, but it's the first time it happened to me."