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DJ Chark Jr. - Thursday, August 9, 2018

(On if tonight's game was everything he thought the NFL would be) "Yes. It was exciting to be out there for the time that I was and to go in there and get quality reps with the ones and just seeing the speed of the game. I really enjoyed that and my teammates helped me out and cheered me on. It was a great first experience."

(On if the speed was different than practice) "Yes, it's very fast, but I felt like I was pretty well prepared with definitely going against our defense and the speed that we go at every day in the heat, so it was good to not be as hot.  So I had fun with that, but just going against our defense every day, the level of intensity that we go at it, [I] felt pretty comfortable out there."

(On making his first catch) "My goal was to come across the field with the ball and try to do something with it after, but it's just good to get into the game, and I really enjoyed it."

(On making a special teams tackle) "I'd been telling them I'm going to get a special teams tackle, so I was glad I was able to do that. He took off so it was now or never, so I had to make sure that I got him down."