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Donte Moncrief - Sunday, September 23, 2018

(On what problems he saw today with the offense) "We were just hurting ourselves; too many penalties and too many negative plays. We can't get behind the chains and that is what we did today. The defense played good, but we didn't come out to play."

(On if they planned to have Leonard Fournette) "Our game plan is our game plan. Our game plan isn't built around one person. We can't say the game plan was meant for one person or another person. That game plan was for everybody. Everybody didn't do what they had to do. We came out and had too many negative plays, too many errors. We weren't ourselves today. We have to throw that away and get ready for next week."

(On if Tennessee took away opportunities to go downfield in the passing game) "They were trying to keep everything underneath. They did a good job of it. Like I said, we weren't making enough plays. We have to make plays even though their defense may have been taking away the deep passes. We have to work on that this week."

(On if he felt they were having a hard time getting into a rhythm) "No, this was one of those things where it was a hard-nosed game. It was a division game. Guys know each other because we play each other every year. They know us, we know them. They just came out and played harder than us at home."