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Doug Marrone - Friday, September 14, 2018

(On what the plan is for RB Leonard Fournette's playing status) "He had a good day yesterday. That's encouraging. Today we just wanted to make sure we got a good lift and everything in and get him ready, see how he's going to be this afternoon when we talk to him and work him out."

(On if the decision on Fournette could go all the way until Sunday) "Yes. We'll just see where he is. I'll go back in and then talk to him."

(On if he has to make a decision on Fournette before Saturday afternoon in order to make a roster move) "Probably … I could go there or I could go all the way up until game time and [Fournette] will just be inactive."

(On if he would consider playing with just two running backs) "Yes. Why not?"

(On if one running back gets hurt and Fournette isn't playing) "We have another one. And we have Tommy [Bohanon] as another guy back there."

(On why he felt that yesterday was a good day for Fournette) "Just the running – how he ran. We had the GPS and looked at it. It was at a high level."

(On if he would limit Fournette if Fournette was playing) "If he's ready to go out there, he'll be a full go."

(On if he is optimistic Fournette will play) "Absolutely. Yes, I am."

(On if Fournette will go through pregame tests on Sunday) "Yes, we're going to see where he is now, and today was more of just a lifting in the morning, just working on him and we'll see how he is this afternoon. If he's good this afternoon, we'll test him now. If he's feeling a little sore, we'll wait and test him tomorrow or Sunday. We're just working through it."

(On if he is concerned with Fournette's comment that he heard a "pop") "You would have to ask him. I have not received that information. He hasn't told me that, so I can't comment on that."

(On if Fournette has done everything to be prepared for this game) "Yes, he has been heavily involved and really paying attention. Obviously, we have meetings and everything is on tape. He has everything, so he'll be ready to go."