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Doug Marrone - Monday, August 20, 2018

(On the return of Jalen Ramsey and Dante Fowler Jr.) "They're back and we're ready to go. We have to focus on getting ourselves ready for Atlanta. I know I have a lot going on. I'm trying to get ready for Atlanta, trying to make decisions and be able to write guys up and be able to get this team ready for this week and plans for next week. A lot of that stuff is going on for me personally right now."

(On if he is concerned that Brandon Linder has a significant injury) "No. I just think he's sore, and I think we're going to be smart. I'm not going to try to rush him back, push [him] back. We'll see how he is day-to-day. I'm going to make sure [he is fine] like I would with any player. I'm just not going to do anything stupid."

(On if he met with Jalen Ramsey and Dante Fowler Jr. this morning) "I meet with a lot of players. I really do. I meet with players all the time, I talk to all the players. This is the same thing. I meet with them, I talk to them. It's the same way. I'm going to keep those conversations private and keep moving along."

(On if he expects better play out of Cam Robinson) "Yes, I think Cam would be the first one to tell you. Cam would say he has to do a better job. I think he understands that and we're working towards that goal to be more consistent and do a better job."

(On if it is a specific technique issue Cam Robinson struggled with against Minnesota) "I just think overall really when you look at it, sometimes, you could have poor footwork, good hands and win the block. Sometimes, you could have poor hands, good footwork and win the block. I think there are a lot of different things that go into it. The mindset prior to [the play] and how you're going to set someone up and what you're going to do. There are a lot of things that go into it. We will do whatever we can obviously to make sure that he kind of gets out of it."

(On what he saw from Ronnie Harrison on tape) "It was good. As a former player, when you go to bed the night before a game, you kind of have in your mind what is going to happen. You like to say, 'Hey, everyone has to have the mindset that when they come to the stadium, they're going. They are going to be starting right off the bat.' Yes, that's your goal. But in reality, I think that's something that does not happen. I think that all of a sudden you show up there and you're like, 'Hey, we just threw you a curve ball. You're ready to go, you're out there.' Now you have a short amount of time to go and get ready. Maybe that's good. Maybe you don't put that much thought into it. Maybe the night before you put so much thought into it, you create a greater anxiety. I don't know. You would have to ask him [Harrison]. But he went out there, had good hits, jarred the ball loose and played extremely well. It was probably everything we were looking for when we drafted him. Is there room to improve? Of course there is. There always is. But I thought he did a nice job from how he handled himself, calls, what he was doing. He did a good job."

(On what he would say about the new helmet rule if the NFL reached out to him) "That is a big 'if!' First of all, the league is not going to ask me. This is what I really feel, and I will say it again. I do have strong opinions. I do. But I really feel – and I'm being honest – that if I have strong opinions, I'll call the league. Or I will write the league. Or I will call. I think that's really the fair way, no different than if they had a problem with something I say. I would hope they would call me first rather than putting it out there to the media. I do have some thoughts. Those thoughts will be conveyed, and I do not know what will happen after that, but I'm going to be a little assertive on this end and try to get something."

(On how difficult it is to teach the helmet rule when it seems penalties are inconsistent) "For me, I think I have a really good understanding of what we don't want. Everyone knows we don't want anyone with their helmet down coming in and hitting any part of someone's body. For lack of a better term – the spear block or spearing. I understand that. How it gets officiated? I think this, and I have said this before. When I was at Syracuse and we were in the Big East conference, they would have an officials three day meeting deal. All of the head coaches were invited. They had it in Rhode Island, so I went to Rhode Island, went to the conference and sat in on their meetings. It changed my whole perspective of how I looked at officials. In other words, I always respected them, but I never realized how hard they are on themselves to get the calls right or if they don't get the calls, how hard it is. That really kind of popped it up. The other thing was I started to look at things in real time. When I started to look at things in real time, I was like, 'Whoa.' There was an indecision for me. I can't speak for them. For me, I'm like it's a whole lot tougher than what people think, the job that they have to do. I have a ton of respect for them because things happen bang-bang and I'm not sure. Then I have the clicker the next day and I can go back in and I can slow it down and fans can see it on the scoreboard. An ex-official can comment on it. That is a tough job that they have. It really is."

(On teaching the tackling of a quarterback to avoid penalties) "When you hit the quarterback, it's very simple in the rule book, when you hit the quarterback, as you hit him, once you are going down with him you have to show that you are trying to go to the side and not put your full weight on him. That is what the rule says."

(On if it helps that the games are being called much tighter during the preseason) "I think with some things it does. I think it just shows that this is going to be a point of emphasis and it creates greater awareness for it. As long as it's truly a foul. You're not going to want to call things that are not fouls to just throw flags to throw flags. I think that has been normal everywhere I've been. College, NFL, as a player – I don't see a problem with that."

(On the challenge to consistently contend) "I'm just trying to do the best job I can today. Like I've said before, I don't want to get pulled back there. There are lessons that you learn. You know how hard you worked. A lot of it is dealing with distractions and staying focused, being close as a team, trusting one another, but at the end of the day you still have to perform. The dynamics have switched, whether you have added one thing or another. I have these two balls that I use as a good example. They look the same. If you grabbed them you wouldn't be able to tell the difference, but there is one element that is not in one of them. When you drop them, one bounces up and the other one hits the ground and stays [there]. The point is that if you are off just a little bit, it can truly change what happens. You are constantly trying to get the 2018 team close and right in the foundations stuff as we go forward to give us the chance – I think a lot of times, sometimes when you don't do things right and your foundation isn't right, and you go out there on Sunday and you really don't have a chance. If you have it right and you are doing all the right things, all you are doing is giving yourself and opportunity to win games and that's all we can do."

(On the difference between the two balls) "It's a chemical element. I would have to go back to my chemistry class. I'll bring them out. I have them in my office. I'm a visual guy, so I'll have things around my desk. If I feel myself going in a different direction, I'll look at one of those things and bring myself back to focus. That is one of the things for me. I have a lot of issues, but I don't have a lot of things. I have a lot of issues, so I just take a couple things. If I had a thing for every issue I had then my office would be packed with stuff."

(On game planning this week) "We're not really into the true in-season schedule. We're still in training camp. We'll break training camp after this game. We do have some extra time. One of the things we look for is are we going to put everything we have in? There are still some things we want to see from some players. There are still some decisions to be made, so we'll look at that. Basically, what we are trying to get them to do is here is the game plan and we will try to hone it down from what we've had the past couple of preseason games. You see how they practice and create that tempo during the week. Obviously, this will be the first time we have cards or scout team. Trying to make sure we do a good job. My point of emphasis with the coaches is we have to do a good job with that because we have to set that expectation right now that will remain throughout the season. If you don't do a good job on those teams then I think it really hurts you in your preparation when you are playing."

(On the wide receiver group) "I feel good. There is a lot of versatility in those guys. A lot of those guys play all different positions. That obviously helps us."

(On what opens up offensively having both Leonard Fournette and T.J. Yeldon in the backfield at the same time) "I don't know. That's a good question for a defensive coordinator. We're trying to put our best players on the field and put our team in the best position."

(On if he liked what he saw when Fournette and Yeldon were on the field at the same time) "I remember the play. It was a screen, right? How many yards did we gain? [11 yards] Yeah, I like that play. If it was minus one, then I would not like it."

(On Yeldon) "He has always been good. I think he is more explosive. He's stronger. He's elusive. I think he can carry a load of carries. I just think he has done a nice job. I really do."

(On if he has any concerns that Yeldon could step in if Fournette were to miss time) "No, I don't [have any concerns]."