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Doug Marrone - Monday, August 27, 2018

(Opening statement) "Obviously, we started off the team meeting and everyone is aware our owner Mr. [Shad] Khan came out with a statement [about the shooting in Jacksonville yesterday]. I thought he articulated many of the thoughts that we feel about the tragedy that happened yesterday as well as the Friday night shooting at Raines [High School]. I talked to the players today, and I told them, 'The victims, the families of the victims, the people that were actually down there, the first responders – they are in our thoughts and our prayers as they work through this.' It was a tough situation. We move forward from a football sense in what we're doing football-wise. Obviously, Marqise Lee suffered a knee injury. I'm not going to go into the actual specifics of it, but he will have surgery quickly, soon. He will be placed on IR later today, and he will be out for the season. Obviously, it's a loss for us. Marqise brought a level of toughness to that room. He was obviously a very productive player for us in the past, specifically on third down. I do feel that once he starts his recovery, we want him around the team. I think he can help us. We had a situation last year with a player where we were kind of trying to do the same thing, making sure we were keeping him around and get him better and get him prepared for the following year. In doing so, I feel very confident about the players that we have at that position. I still see that there is competition there. We're not settled on some of the spots at receiver, but we feel that we are good enough to go into the season with the guys that we think can make the team."

(On if the team may pursue wide receivers on the waiver wire or free agents) "No, I think we feel comfortable with what we have now. If we feel at any position that we can get ourselves better, we're always going to look at that. That's kind of business as usual for us." 

(On the difficulty in replacing Marqise Lee's run blocking) "We work on it quite a bit. He did a heck of a job that way, we all know that. Obviously, the people in that [position meeting] room are going to have to step up. That's why as soon as everything is done, we want to get him [Lee] back in that room, because there is a toughness about him that we want to make sure we keep." 

(On if he has seen strides from other wide receivers in run blocking such as Keelan Cole and Dede Westbrook) "Yes. Keelan … Donte Moncrief had a bunch of blocks downfield, which is encouraging. Dede blocks. They block. We work on it. It's hard when you work on that stuff. In training camp with full pads, we do defensive back – wide receiver blocking drills. Those guys do get a lot of work on it." 

(On if he leans more on Donte Moncrief in terms of leadership now) "That leadership thing – do you lean on this guy for leadership? Do you lean on that guy? Their job as I've said before – and this is just by experience – a lot of them, their job is just to play. Some people take it to the next step and try to lead by example or lead verbally. I feel like if you don't have that in the room then it's up to the coach, which we have an outstanding coach in that room in Keenan [McCardell]. If it's not that, you look to the coordinator and then you look to myself for that leadership. There are people in that room that I believe will step up." 

(On how impressed he was with Malik Jackson's start to the game against the Falcons) "It's funny you said that. Today was the first day the players were back and having watched everything, I told Malik, I said, 'Woo! That first series now.' He was really going. But he has that type of potential to be disruptive. A lot of times people forget that he has been a Pro Bowl player. He came here and has played very well. I think he has gotten better each and every year. I see him as a good example of a veteran player that had success – a Super Bowl win, a Pro Bowl – that continues to work on his game to try and keep getting better and better. I think that's a great example for all of our players." 

(On blitzing on third down and what challenges that presents for an offense) "I can't speak for other teams about it, but obviously offensively, we would have a plan and be able to see it and study it and try to take advantage of it. I think if you don't, then obviously you can get yourself in trouble with someone coming free." 

(On if it is helpful to have a mixture of players that can blitz) "Yes. But just because you do that, you're going to have to be able to - whether you are playing zone or man behind it – do a good job there just to blitz or bring people. If it's not being productive, then you have to take a different look at it." 

(On being able to handle the loss of Marqise Lee better than last year when the team lost Allen Robinson) "We'll see. You would like to be able to do that, but it still comes the same way. Whether you sit here and answer yes, or you sit here and answer no, it's all going to depend on how they play and their performance when they play games. Obviously, there's some experience with those players." 

(On an injury update on Marcell Dareus) "He's fine. He's practicing." 

(On how roles will change in the WR room) "We still have this week. We're going to take a good look at it. It will have to come from a lot of different people. I don't see it as specifically one person is going to take the place of another. I feel that way about every position. I don't think it's unusual when you lose a good football player then you are going to have to try to get a little bit from everybody because you can't expect one person just to take it up to the same level. If they do that then that's fine and that's great, but I think it comes from a little bit of everybody." 

(On Taven Bryan) "It was probably his first time playing in a game. I thought he got some good movement. I wasn't happy with the penalty at the end for roughing the passer. He did some good things. He showed his power, he showed his strength. He was up on his feet and got involved on some plays. It is a pretty good progression of a guy that really hasn't practiced or played. I think it's difficult. I think he will just get better as he keeps playing." 

(On his message to guys on the bubble with roster cuts looming) "Every year I have pretty much had the same talk with the players. Obviously, I'll do it the night before the game. I think it's important to know that there are still positions that people are still fighting for on this team. I think the trap comes when you start looking around and you try to be the GM and figure out who is going to make the team and who is not. If you're going to do that and that makes your performance go down, then I think you are in trouble. I think you have to understand that pretty much everyone is going to be looking at the last game or this past game to look for players to fill needs they may have or upgrade with what they feel is a better player that they know more about. When you go out there and play, not only are you playing for a spot on your own team, but you are also playing for a spot on probably 31 other teams. Everyone in the league goes through the same thing. They see where they might need some players or upgrades and they look at all the film and that's what people do. We are no different from anyone else." 

(On Jermey Parnell and Cam Robinson) "Parnell coming in for the first time, I thought he looked good. I really did. He had good sets, stayed squared, worked well, so I was happy with that. I thought Cam, obviously, played much better than he did than the first two games, but I still there is room for improvement from everybody. When you play these games you get out there and it's different. You're going against different guys, different moves, different points of power and things of that nature. I think it's always good to get in there in the preseason and get a feel for that because during the year you're going to have to adjust every single week to the players." 

(On if A.J. Cann is at is best when in space) "I think anyone on the outside when you look at linemen, they tend to focus on the stuff in space. It shows out more. I think he has been pretty consistent, both in space and inside." 

(On if any starters will play Thursday) "That's always the age-old question that you get. I know we're going to be smart about it. I think a lot depends on how we do during the week, what our focus is and what we're trying to take care of. I'm going to be smart and do what I have done in the past. I think that is the best way to explain it." 

(On Logan Cooke) "Good. We worked on a couple different things. We worked on the one step, which is what caused the one poor kick, but I think he has been getting better at least in practice and even in the games. At least he is giving us balls, even if it was short like it was the other night, it was directional, and we can definitely cover it. From that standpoint we're happy with that."