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Doug Marrone - Monday, August 5, 2019

(Opening Statement) "First of all, like all of these, we're very thankful for [Ravens Owner] Mr. [Steve] Bisciotti and obviously [Ravens Head Coach] John Harbaughand the Ravens organization. We have a ton of respect for them. We appreciate the opportunity to come up here and practice against them and have a chance to get better. Everything's been great, it's been first class. They asked us if we needed anything and they've been great hosts, and we're excited to get on the field and work to get better, so that's what we're looking forward to. We've got two good days. We have officials here. We have a lot of situational stuff, gives us a great chance to get an evaluation on our players in a controlled environment, and we're just happy to be here."

(On if he has decided on how much he wants the first-team players to play Thursday night) "No, I usually do that the night before the game."

(On if Jawaan Taylor will be getting first-team reps today) "He's been getting first-team reps for us, too, so yeah, I expect him to get a couple."

(On if he likes to schedule joint practices with other NFL teams so he can see other players) "No, not for me. Since I came into this league when I was with the Jets years ago, we would go up and we would have these types of joint practices. Even when I was a player, we had joint practices, when I was with a couple teams, so what I appreciate as a coach is that I'm able to see…our players, they go against each other each day and sometimes one guy is a better matchup then the other, and it takes a lot of time for us to rotate people around, move people around to change the matchups up. And I think when you have an opportunity to practice against an opposing team, schematics come into play now, different schemes, assignments, different matchups. I think you get a great evaluation of your team. So again, our focus isn't, 'Hey, who's the other team, the players for the Ravens?' We're trying to figure out who's going to be on our team, and we think that this is a great opportunity to do that. I think it also helps with the quarterback. You're getting him a lot of good reps in a controlled environment where you don't have to worry about him getting hit, and I think that's something that's just a reality. You worry about those guys when they're back there, putting them in harms way, and if the only opportunity you have to do that is in a game, in a preseason game, then you're pretty limited. At last now you have two practices where you'll be able to do that and feel real comfortable about it."

(On if he feels that joint practices will continue to get bigger league wide) "You know what's funny, I go back to—I mean, there's always been joint practices, from at least in the '80s. From as far as I remember as a player, we've always had them. I don't know now if it's bigger because of social media, and travel and everyone's being able to get around, but you look, there's been things going on for a long time. We'd all go to Wisconsin and in whatever they called that league, and up there in New Orleans and we'd have Kansas City and teams like that, and we'd practice against each other and play each other. And then you go to the Washington Redskins, a team down the road and them and Pittsburgh will go in Carlisle [Pa.] the whole time and play those games, so I think it's been going on for quite a long time. I think it's a great tool to get an evaluation and maybe work on some schematics that you're not able to work on with your own football team that the other team may do."

(On why the team signed RB Roc Thomas) "Well, hopefully Thomas comes back, Thomas Rawls. Hopefully he'll be back after this. We just wanted to make sure that we have enough running backs. Rock [Ryquell Armstead] was banged up a little bit. He'll be out here trying to go. We think he has a good chance of going today, but you don't want to sit there and at the end of the day go, 'We don't have anyone,' so, we wanted to make sure we had enough players in that position. And he's a guy that I'll give an example. We went to Minnesota last year and practiced against them, and he was a player that did a nice job, and he was available, and we were able to pick him up."

(On if the expectations from the outside world make the season feel any different) "I think it probably goes from each [person]. Each person's probably a little bit different in how they handle things. Obviously, I have high expectations every year, and I feel like we understand that, and I try to take it day-by-day. I think that if you look at the past you want to make sure that you're learning from it, that you don't make the same mistakes, and I think when you go forward you can't get too far ahead. I think you're going to miss an opportunity during that day and especially in training camp. I think it's something that it was the way I was brought up in this profession, when you're in training camp, 'Hey, what do I have to do today to get better? Don't look too far ahead, don't look behind. Am I going to get cut, am I going to be released?' I'm talking about from a player's standpoint, so [we] have very specific goals of what we're trying to get done each single day and then when the chips start falling, they start falling. Control the things you can control and don't get yourself too out of whack of the things that you can't control."

(On the impact of QB Nick Foles on the team) "It's been great. I think that when you do so much research, like a lot of us do on free agency, where you tend to get, in my opinion, better information because it's within the league and a lot of us have a lot of friends within the league. In college you're relying on the scouts going into those schools getting it. I felt that when Nick came here, with all the information that we had, I felt like I knew him already in doing so. And then when we brought him in it's like anything else. I think with any player, not just your quarterback, obviously people are going to look at the quarterback more than anything else as far as that relationship that a head coach has with a quarterback. It's been great, but I think you have to build that relationship with the other guys that have joined your team, too, and be able to make sure that you have that time and your time is valuable, meaning that you're not going to just go there and just BS with someone just to BS with them. You're going to go there and you're going to open yourself up, and I think that's the one thing that all of the guys that we've brought in this year, Nick included, were able to open themselves up, be who they are, and have the team accept them for that and not try to be anyone different."

(On how the wide receiver group is progressing) "I like it, I like it. I think we have a guy that I rely on in [Jaguars Wide Receivers Coach] Keenan McCardell, who's a wide receivers coach who really has done a nice job trying to get the most out of them. It's a group that, since we've started, we've probably lost our best receiver each year going into it. Two years ago with Allen [Robinson], last year with Marqise [Lee]. Marqise is working his way to get back there now. And then we have some guys that have some talent, we feel that obviously they have talent, but now we're excited about those guys to step up. There's a lot of players in that room. Chris Conley's a guy that is a veteran player, has done a nice job for us. Obviously, Dede [Westbrook] made a lot of plays for us last year, so we're hoping to build upon that, that's a lot of pressure. Also, we have DJ Chark who was a second-round pick and we're expecting him to make a big move this year. We'd like to be able to see that. Keelan Cole had a really good year the first year, and like everyone, we wanted to have a better year last year, not just him, but all of us. He's obviously playing well right now. These next two days will be big for him and then Terrelle Pryor [Sr.] coming in. And then we've got some guys that are kind of under the radar that we're looking at, that have made some plays in practice, that we're looking to see a little bit more consistency, but they've done a nice job up to this point and they have an opportunity of making this team."

(On what he and Ravens Coach John Harbaugh discussed as far as hitting and if there will be a goal line period) "We have a goal line period. I think it's hard to do goal line and not do it live, and really that's it, everything else will be pretty much tag-off, because goal line is the one thing that you can't say you're definitely going to get in the preseason, so a lot of times us coaches, we like to get that stuff done, so this way we have it, we've done it, and then we know going into the season. Because you can go through four preseason games, or three, or depending on when you're playing, how much you're going to play your starters and really not get it at all. You don't want the game to be on the line the first time you go live, so a lot of times you'll see a lot of teams that do that."

(On if Andrew Norwell has made strides this offseason) "You talk about two things. I've always talked about coachability and availability. As long as you have those two things, you will reach your potential. When you don't have either one of those, it's hard to reach your potential, and I think availability is important, because as long as you're out there every day, you have the ability to get better. When you're not out there, it's very difficult to get better as a football player, because it's very difficult to simulate the moves, and the speed and all the things that occur during a practice or a game."

(On if he is concerned about fights at a joint practice and if he's ever experienced it) "I can say there's only been one time, and it was back in the early 2000s, that there was a fight that didn't occur on the field that we were on. Other than that, every place I've been, we've never had any issues. I think that especially with the Ravens, we picked this organization because we have a ton of respect for them. We just want to come out here and get better and work with each other. The players are all part of one union, obviously player safety is the big thing. A lot of times it's usually the younger players, like you said, that are a little bit chippier. We met with the leaders on both teams right before us coming out here and we talked about it and we just want to get better. There's no need for that in our game. I think it gives a bad impression for the young teams, or youth football, coming out. That's not part of our game, and we don't want to make that part of our game or let that be a part of our game."