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Doug Marrone - Monday, November 26, 2018

(Opening Statement) "I know a statement went out today about the change at offensive coordinator. I want to make sure everyone knows the relationship that I have with Nathaniel Hackett. Nathaniel is a good football coach. He is a tireless, hard worker. I am extremely appreciative for what he has done for this team and extremely appreciative for what he has done for me, personally. I have no doubt he will continue to have success in this league because, like I have said before, he is smart and he works his butt off. With that being said, I felt I needed to make a change to give us an opportunity to win some games. Scott Milanovich will be the play-caller. Scott has called plays before. He has been with us for two years as our quarterback's coach. I expect him to prepare the team this week and get ourselves in a position to win games. Regarding the quarterback position, we are going to start Cody Kessler this week against the Colts. I had a chance to talk with both Blake and Cody and I told both those guys the same thing. I am making this change to give us an opportunity to win a football game. Cody knows the offense. He has been in [a game] where he has not really prepared that week [with the other starters], so he will have a full week of preparation. I talked to him about what is expected of him. Lastly, before I take any questions, I want to make sure I am clear with everyone – anytime you are losing, it is not just on one person; it is on everyone and, obviously when I say that, I understand and take responsibility for it, as it starts with me as the head coach. I have said that before and I will say it again. It always starts with me first, looking at myself. None of us are doing a good enough job right now. We have an opportunity to play five games and get back on track and break this losing streak starting this week. A lot of ways you can go about it. You can't sulk, you can't complain about injuries, you can't blame others. I have the responsibility to get this turned around and I will do the best job I can moving forward to try to get that done."

(On if this week will be any different in Milanovich's approach than it would be with Hackett's) "I think things are always going to be different when you make a change with the play-caller. We are working through that right now."

(On what the tipping point was for relieving Hackett of his duties) "It is not a knee-jerk reaction. I really feel at the end of the day that we have to try to get better production out of our passing game or more consistent production in our passing game."

(On if he ever considered taking over play-calling) "No."

(On if he has considered relieving Todd Wash of his duties as defensive coordinator) "No."

(On if he could have imagined starting the season 3-1 and then firing the offensive coordinator and changing quarterbacks entering Week 13) "I really don't look back in this type of situation that we are in right now. I am really focused on what we can do now. There is always a time to look back when the season is over."

(On why firing Wash wasn't an option) "I just answered your question. It didn't cross my mind right now."

(On if he had any collaboration in making the change at quarterback and relieving the offensive coordinator) "Purely me. It didn't come from anyone else."

(On if he considered only making one of the offensive changes instead of both) "No, I was going to do both."

(On why he made both changes at once) "I am trying to get better production in the passing game."

(On if Cody Kessler will remain the starter for the remainder of the season) "Hopefully he can stay healthy and win games for us. My plan is for him to go in there and play."

(On the strides Kessler has made) "He has done a good job. Obviously, he appreciates the opportunity. We will see during the week and we will see what he does on Sunday."

(On Bortles' reaction) "It was a tough day today. It was a tough day, but that is how this business is. You let go of someone who you have a ton of respect for and have worked with longer than I have worked with any other coach. Then, a quarterback that I have a lot of respect for [with] his toughness and like I told both of those guys, it is not one coach or one person; It is on all of us. It starts with me, but I have to make decisions that put us in the best opportunity to win."

(On if he had to run these decisions by Shad Khan, Tom Coughlin and Dave Caldwell) "They are my bosses, so I told them that this is what my thought process is, and this is not a knee-jerk reaction. 'This is what I have been thinking about. This is what I would like to do and make you aware of it.'"

(On where the organization stands at quarterback given the contract extension given to Bortles in the offseason) "I think, right now, my focus is on right now – doing what I have to do. I am trying to win football games. The future focus and all that stuff and looking back – I can't afford to do that."

(On the reason for Bortles' regression) "We are not getting the production or the consistency that we needed in the passing game. That was it."

(On if he sensed the rest of the offense lost confidence in Hackett and or Bortles) "No, I usually don't ask players about things of that nature."

(On if he felt the players may have lost confidence in Hackett and or Bortles) "I am going to answer that question like I have most of them – I think you need to ask them. I just know, this is what I felt like we had to do to create a spark or give us a better opportunity to win."

(On when he came to the conclusion that he would make the moves with Hackett and Bortles) "It is not just the one game. It is something that I have been thinking about. I am someone that thinks things through. I try not to make emotional decisions because they are never usually right. I wanted to think everything through and look at everything and take everything in and we came to a point where we had to make a move."

(On how much the injuries on the offensive side of the ball played a role in Hackett receiving more time) "Injuries are a part of it. I have said before, I am not going to use that as an excuse. You look at the last couple of games, we have had a lot of injuries, but we have also had opportunities to win games and that is what we have to do with the guys we have on the field."

(On if he thinks the NFL will suspend Leonard Fournette) "That is a good question for the league. I don't know how that works."

(On if he has been told he will return as head coach next year) "No, and I haven't asked."

(On if he would consider stripping Fournette of his captaincy) "We discussed it one-on-one. Those discussions are private, and we discussed all the personal fouls with the team. We have 22 personal fouls, which leads the league. It is something that stops us from having the opportunity to win football games. I addressed it with the team and addressed it with some players individually."

(On if Fournette is still a captain) "Captaincy is voted by the team. If the team came to me and said they wanted to strip his captaincy, then that is a team decision, not necessarily just the head coach's decision."

(On his message to the fans) "I am trying to do the best job I possibly can. I know we have expectations and I haven't met them and it is disappointing. It is very difficult and, like I have said before, my position, my job is clearly defined to win football games. I haven't done it. When the fanbase is upset and when people are losing interest, then that falls directly on me, no one else."

(On why the defense has not lived up to expectations) "One of the things we have addressed is that we have given up the fifth-fewest amount of explosive plays, which you would think would be good, but on those explosive plays, we are probably ranked about 30th in the league. Meaning, the magnitude of the plays that we have given up has hurt us. That is one area that we know we can improve on and do a better job."

(On the lack of a pass rush) "There are multiple things that go into that. One second too short. You watch the games, we are there, we are getting hits, we are getting some production that way, but we are not actually getting the quarterback down. Whether we are coming up with a better plan, the same situation happened yesterday. You give up over 100 yards rushing to a quarterback on quarterback scrambles or quarterback runs. That is something that has hurt us, where we have to do a better job. Having a good pass rush plan and putting [the opposing team] in situations where they have to hold the ball a little longer."

(On Andrew Norwell's status with the ankle injury) "We are going to put Norwell on IR."

(On if he is considering making any other staff changes) "I am going to do whatever it takes to win football games. I am considering everything. That means anytime I see a situation where we can get ourselves better, then I am going to take advantage of it."

(On if Norwell needs surgery) "We are not at that point right now. That hasn't been confirmed."