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Doug Marrone - Saturday, August 10, 2019

(On the injury status of Cam Robinson and Marqise Lee) "Those guys are really trying hard, but today was kind of a benchmark to try and kind of get them back. I don't know if they're going to be ready for the season, so they're working hard, the trainers are working hard, everybody's working hard, but we just can't get them over the hump, so we've got to go and start preparing to play without them, unfortunately. And it could change, but it'll be tough."

(On the benchmark for trying to get Robinson and Lee back) "It's for me as a coach. You like to get them back this week, kind of work them back a little bit. Third week kind of make a decision on whether they'll play or not. Difficult to do anything afterwards, kind of puts a little bit more pressure if they're ready and they haven't done anything."

(On who the starting LT is) "I don't know, we'll find out. We'll go out there and put some guys out there. And we have some guys that we feel like can play. We have guys that've played NFL games. Obviously, Josh (Wells) is someone that's been on the team. We went out and got Cedric [Ogbuehi]. [Leonard] Wester played well last game for us, so someone will be out there, I can tell you that. I'm not going to leave that spot open."

(On the injury status of Jake Ryan) "Yeah, seems that way. It's tough, we went up to Baltimore and they have one guy injured and we have about 10. So, everyone's working hard, it's not that they're not working hard, it's not that they're tough, it's not any of that. It's just it is what it is. I'm doing everything I possibly can to make sure we don't get into that same problem of the injuries. We won't be able to overcome them, so working hard and just have something—bad luck, I guess."

(On if the team will continue their smart approach into the next preseason game) "I'm doing everything I possibly can to make sure that our players are healthy and getting ready for the season, so it's a day-by-day thing. Next thing would be just to not even go out, just kind of walk through them. You guys have seen it. I've made a ton of changes, not just little ones. I made a ton, and still the same issue."

(On how he balances resting guys and getting them ready for the season) "I'm not worried about that. You'll see today when you guys come out there, we have a huge work load for the one's, so we try to put that into play. So, this way they're getting that role in a more controlled way of guys that at least have been out there and done it, but sometimes you don't always get the utopia the way you want to practice in a perfect world, and you have to make changes and do things. And I made a ton of them and seems like it's not working so far but, hopefully we'll be able to gain that traction at the end. You guys are out there. You guys see it. I'm not telling you guys anything that you haven't seen. You see the guys on the side, you see the guys working, but it's not that anyone's not working hard. It's not that the trainers and the doctors and the players aren't doing everything they possibly can. It's not that they don't feel bad, it's just it."

(On if the frustration level with injuries is higher because they are taking a smarter approach to practice) "I think if I didn't try, I think that would make me frustrated and I expected a different result. I think when you try, and you do the best you can, I think I can look in the mirror and say, 'Hey listen, we've done a ton of research, and practices and all that stuff--I have zero regrets.' I mean, I busted my ass to figure it out, so I'm doing everything I possibly can."

(On how Will Richardson Jr. played in the preseason Week 1 game at Baltimore) "I liked what he did. He showed really good strength in the run game. I think he got worn out a little bit strength-wise near the end, but that's something that will come with experience and strength, coming back from it. I thought he did a nice job like I said. Going back, I don't know if I mentioned Taven Bryan, I thought he really did a lot of good things. That was really encouraging for us, to go out there and do it. I know I mentioned Josh [Wells], I know [Dawuane] Smoot played well. [Joe] Giles-[Harris] played well for us, the linebacker from Duke. We've really been happy with him. Najee Goode really played well, that helps us there. Obviously, everyone saw C.J. Reavis, Tre Herndon. Breon [Borders] had the two penalties, but one I don't know, the other one was, though, but I thought he did some good things. And then [Tae] Hayes did some nice things, too. So, there's some guys that did some good things out there that we're excited about, and like I said before and after the game, I know what some of the guys can do, and I just really want to make sure that our depth and the players that we keep can do it if we do have injuries during the year and take the spot of somebody else rather than say, 'Hey, I think these guys have the talent, they can do it,' and then someone gets hurt and then go in there. The only way to do that really is to keep playing them."

(On if Tae Hayes is playing bigger than his size) "It's what's in your heart a lot of times, you know? I don't look at it like that. I can understand what you're saying, but there's a lot of players that don't have maybe the ideal, but what they have is they have a competitiveness about them, and the heart about them and like you said, the guy that can just make plays. He's made some plays. He got his hands on some balls. He's a guy that can play outside. He's also a guy that can play nickel. And then the interesting thing is when he's matched up against a bigger, more physical type of receiver and how he plays. And I think during these next couple of preseason games, and sometimes in practice, we'll have that and have that matchup. And I'm sure he'll learn to play in a way that he can be successful there because he seems to be a guy that's finding ways to make plays no matter what happens out there.

(On if it's fair to say he won't have the same approach in benching as many players this week) "Here's what I do, ok, so everyone can be on the same page, is that I watch during the week. So, if they put in the work, and really work hard, I'm talking about a player that I feel very comfortable with, a guy that's shown that he can play and do it. He goes out there, he puts in the work, he has a really great week, there's really nothing that's going to change my opinion of him as far as where he's at. Then I have the ability to not play that player, ok. If that player who rested last week—and this is what I explained to the players—let's say if he goes out there and it's a little erratic, or someone else starts playing well, maybe there's competition at the position, then I'm going to put those players back in there, and play and find out who the best is. So, I'm really looking at it from a day-to-day basis of who's doing it and keep track of,' Hey, what's going on.' Like I told the players, there's fluidity in this now. If someone on the second group really starts playing well that I think he's going to be a starter, and he's putting all of the work in and go, I may not play that player as much if I feel it. Because like I said before, it goes back to the first thing. The guys that are on the field are playing to win, no doubt about it. I don't want that to be mistaken as far as we're doing everything we can to win, but at the same time, if we put guys in jeopardy and we don't have anyone for the season, that to me is the ultimate thing that we're trying to do. We're trying to get guys to the season ready to go, so that's why practices are the way they are and that's why we're playing the way we are. Is it something that we like to do, myself personally? Absolutely not. That's not in my background, I said it afterwards, I've changed the philosophy of what I've had in the preseason and I've had to do it. It's something that was kind of forced with the injuries and everything that happened. And I'm happy that we made all these changes now with what's going on right now. Obviously, I don't want the injuries, but I couldn't have made a drastic change in the middle of it like right now with the amount of guys that we have that are out."

(On what Taven Bryan did to stand out on Thursday) "He did a nice job of getting off the ball. He did a good job of getting off blocks. He was in the backfield. It was really exciting and real improvement that we've been pushing, pushing, pushing and now you can see it. We are hungry as coaches, he's hungry as a player because we really feel we can take another step this week, take another step next week and now all of a sudden, we have a guy that is going to be making plays for us on Sunday. That was exciting."

(On if Will Richardson is pushing A.J. Cann for the right guard job) "I think there are a lot of guys … I'm not sure right now with that job. I think Brandon Thomas is in there. I think Will [Richardson] is in there, A.J. is in there. Potentially, someone else can be in there also depending on how it goes. I like those guys. I think that Brandon [Thomas] and A.J. [Cann], they have strength. Will has shown good athletic ability and strength in the run game. A lot times you get pushed [like], 'Hey make a decision. Who is it?' Sometimes you just want to sit back and you hope This thing is going to shake itself out."

(On if the right guard position is a good battle) "It's a good battle because you are excited about the young kid, [Will Richardson], A.J. [Cann] has the ability to do it and obviously consistency … He wants more from himself and we are all trying for it. The same with Brandon [Thomas], who has battled injuries throughout his career, who is now pretty much healthy. Again, it's the same thing – just the consistency of going out there. It's not a bad thing."

(On if the team has injuries that he hasn't mentioned yet) "Which ones? Shoot some names out. I don't want to go down the list because then you guys get used to me going … There is a point where I'm not going to talk about injuries, but go ahead."

(On the injury status of A.J. Bouye) "I don't think he will be practicing today."

(On the injury status of Jalen Ramsey) "He is excused for personal reasons. He's fine. He will be back tonight."

(On the injury status of Thomas Rawls) "I think he will be on the field."

(On the injury status of Terrelle Pryor Sr.) "No Terrelle Pryor. [Also] no Andrew Norwell, no Jawaan Taylor, no 'Rock' [Ryquell] Armstead, no [Geoff] Swaim, no [Josh] Oliver, no [Charles] Jones, [Ben] Koyack. Obviously with Swaim also out, so that's why we brought [Carson] Meier back, the tight end. Quincy Williams, Cody Davis, Jake Ryan, A.J. [Bouye]. Marqise [Lee], Cam [Robinson]."

(On if Jawaan Taylor's injury was on Tuesday) "Yes, he fell on his knee [in practice] against Baltimore."

(On if Jawaan Taylor will be back this week) "Your guess is as good as mine. Really, I don't know. I would tell you …"

(On if he is still looking at A.J. Cann at center) "Yes. I'm trying to figure out if we dress seven [offensive linemen], who is my backup center? I thought [Tyler] Shatley played real well at center last week. He did a nice guard at job, too. I'm trying to think that if when I dress the starting five if A.J. [Cann] is not part of the starting five or if Shatley is not part of the starting five or if something happens, who are going to be my seven [active offensive linemen]. That's what I'm trying to figure out. That's why I want to get him [center reps] and plus I need a third center. Before I have had one. We had Chris Reed and everything. I want to make sure that out of the seven, not only do I have a backup, but we need a third. So even if A.J. starts and [Tyler] Shatley is there or [K.C.] McDermott – I'm just trying to work out all of those things. Sometimes a lot of that stuff goes unnoticed during training camp when you guys look at it, you know what I mean? For me, I always have to look at it as, 'Who is going to make the team, but more importantly, who are the guys that ar