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Doug Marrone - Tuesday, August 21, 2018

(On how Leonard Fournette is progressing as a three-down running back) "Good. That's what we're working on. He seems to be doing a good job."

(On what Fournette is improving on) "Just overall. Being out there, being able to carry the load on first and second [down] and stay out there on third and just keep him … It's a little bit different on third down, schematically what we do. He's just getting himself comfortable with that."

(On if the team has enough depth at Sam linebacker with Brooks Ellis being released) "We have guys that can line up there. I think we have two more games to figure out where we are with that. That's really it."

(On if Brooks Ellis spoke with him about his decision to leave the Jaguars) "Again, the player conversations are private, but he was cleared and the statement speaks for itself."

(On what his thoughts on Blair Brown and Donald Payne are) "Blair has been out for a while. We just got him back in there, so he was out for a little bit. That's always tough during camp when you're in the evaluation process. Like I said before, I just want to make sure I make the decisions based on what they have done now and not what they have done in the past. He's back there, he's starting to work, which is encouraging. What we did was we just wanted to look at some of the Mike linebackers and we moved [Donald] Payne over to Will, which I think is more his natural position. But he can play both. They both have to do a good job on [special] teams as anything with our depth. You have to be able to do a good job on special teams."

(On if Lerentee McCray could play Sam) "Sure, he has played it in a game for us. We have a bunch of guys that can play that spot."

(On if he would consider working McCray more at Sam over the next few weeks) "I think when things shake out, we'll just make sure we are covered in every position. It's no different than making sure someone who plays corner knows safety. Someone who knows safety knows linebacker, because when you get to the roster, the 46 [players active in a game], it gets tight. You have to cross-train a couple of people, but it's too early really right now for that."

(On if he still likes how the rookie class has handled themselves) "Off the field – yes. But we need [Taven] Bryan to get on the field, which he should. That's the one thing … You want to make sure … Yes I appreciate all that stuff, but at the end of the day, you have to be healthy and you have to be on the field. That's like I say, there are two things – coachability and availability. I think all of that young class is very coachable and for the most part, most of them have been available. But when you have a first-round pick, you want to see that guy."

(On if he always approaches the third preseason game in the same way) "I do everywhere I've been."

(On if there is a different way to go about approaching the third preseason game) "I'm sure there is. I have never … I look at different things and where camp starts and if you're playing the Hall of Fame game. For me, I'm not speaking for any other team. For me, a lot of that stuff comes into play. Where you are as far as overall health [comes into play]. You're not going to take a chance on it. I think there are a lot of things that go into it, but normally yes, you want to play a little bit more."

(On if Blake Bortles has shown his resiliency) "I don't know. He went through some tough times last year. I probably would rely more on what happened last year and just a guy that has done a very good job of handling all the adversity from the standpoint of media or his teammates and things of that nature. Internally, you would have to ask him. He seems like a guy that is able to bounce back."

(On Cody Kessler) "I feel good about him. I hope we can protect him better. I'm not foolish enough to know that if any of the quarterbacks, if they get hit early, it's going to be tough. We need to do a better job of protecting him. That's everybody. [We need to do] a better job of getting open to get a true evaluation. I have no issues with him."

(On if anyone on the team plays better in games than in practice) "Not off the top of my head. Not off the top of my head. I think I might have said that during the season or training camp. During the season I might be able to say that. I get concerned when you don't practice as much during the season. Then you are able to go out there and play. I think it's too early now for those players."

(On Abry Jones) "Good. He's playing well. He's in shape and is running around well. His flexibility in his position. I think Abe has always struggled with when he first reported and I think he was in 'quicker' shape this year and he's in good shape right now. He's playing like he plays during the season. He's prepared and ready."

(On Jones getting chop-blocked and still making a tackle) "That's the guy. The thing about defense, it's funny, what I do is I look at people when they do get on the ground – how fast they get up. I look at that in practice and I look at that during everything else. You never want to be on the ground. You want to make sure you pop up. Is it a good play? Yes, it is a good play. I don't know if I ever say, 'Wow,' except for just now. I don't know if I use that word. I would say that it's a good play."

(On if the tight end position has improved in any certain areas of their game) "I think we like where we are right now. A lot of it is going to depend on what type of production we get out of it. Are there people in that room that can produce? Absolutely, but at the end of the day if you don't produce on Sunday then you're going to say we're not getting enough out of that room. I think we do have the people in that room that have the capabilities of doing what we need them to do."

(On Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson comments regarding the AFC Championship in his book) "I got a couple text messages. Saying, 'Blah, blah, blah.' I'm just like, 'Doug won a Super Bowl and Doug did a great job of coaching.' I'm sure there is a long line of people that have the same questions or feelings. It's 'what you are going to do?' I read a book in the offseason by Mark Manson, number one best seller by the [New York] Times. Those things happen and that's it. I respect the hell out of him and his team. He won a Super Bowl. We lost. When you lose you question everything. I don't have a problem with it."

(On if his book will justify his decisions that game) "I'll never write a book. I'm not smart enough to write a book. If you're going to write one, write one. Then you just send it to someone to check for the grammar and spelling. I'm not a big book writer. I'm a good, drink a beer, tell a story guy. I think that's the one. I would rather drink a beer and tell a story than write a book."