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Doug Marrone - Wednesday, September 26, 2018

(On Austin Seferian-Jenkins' run blocking ability) "He's doing a good job. He's getting better and better each week. He had a little injury that kind of hampered him a little bit, but he was fighting through it. I think that you can see it is getting better and better each week now. He's doing more and more in practice. Hopefully, we can get more done in the games."

(On his evaluation of Jets rookie QB Sam Darnold) "I've always … We saw him obviously in college … Are you filming me right now? Yeah, I guess [that's OK]. Just from the side … Is it really [the best angle]? You know why? I got a little bump on my nose over here [on the other side], so it's true. When I take pictures, I try to … Not that it helps me. (laughter) Someone said the other day, they saw me and they said, 'Coach, you look a lot better in person than you do on TV.' I'm like, 'Oh my god.' TV, it makes you look fat. She goes, 'I'm really not making a good impression right now.' I was like, 'Nah, I'm used to people saying that about me.' But anyway … (laughter) We watched him [Darnold] at USC, and he was a guy that could make all the throws. I think he has really good feet in the pocket. He can escape and extend [the play]. I think he does a really good job with his eyes, being able to keep it downfield and not really look at the rush. I think he is able to … I know there is a lot of talk about him being the youngest quarterback to start and things of that nature. But I don't look at him as a rookie back there. It may be technically that way, but I really don't see it that way. I see a guy that can make all the throws, is dangerous, is getting better each week. The offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates and I worked together, and I know he does a great job. We worked together with the Jets. I'm sure their relationship is great, and I'm sure that Jeremy is pushing him as hard as he can. Each week, the kid seems to be getting better and better, which is a problem [for opposing teams]."

(On what it says that Darnold played so well against Detroit after throwing an interception on his first pass) "I think you saw some of that in college. I think that it is one of those thing like the quarterback, the left tackle gets beat, how does he come back the next play? The cornerback gets beat, how does he come back the next play? Some guys just have the right mindset to be able to put it behind them and move on. Those are the guys that continue to play and they continue to get better and play for a long time. I think the guys that are not able to do that and where it suffers is if they don't ever overcome that stuff, then it is tough to stay in this league."

(On rookie WR DJ Chark Jr. being upset with his performance and how to deal with that as a head coach) "I think you have to go right back to him. It is always been my philosophy even when we were in New Orleans, if someone dropped a football, we were trying to go to him the next play. Really trying to do that and then during the week, asking that player to do all the extra to make sure that in his mind he is doing the proper work to get himself over it. I think it is a combination of those two things."

(On if he is more conservative with holding out a running back with a hamstring injury compared to another position) "It's a good question. I think that a lot of it depends on the injury for the position and what you can sustain. Obviously, it's hard to feel someone else's injury. I think in each position it is a little bit different. I am only going to relate it to myself, not the guys on the team, but if I'm an offensive lineman and my toe is sprained, I can probably play with that to a certain extent. If I have my fingers or my elbows or shoulders [injured], it is different things. I can limit my movement and still be productive in what I can do. I think when it comes down to injuries, a lot of it is position specific. If a quarterback hurts his non-throwing hand, yes, you have to worry about the snap, but that shouldn't hinder him too much. I think that a lot of that does go into it of what you are expecting or how that player is going to be able to come back."

(On his confidence level in Tyler Patmon if D.J. Hayden isn't playing) "Good. He had a really good preseason for us. Obviously, we saw him out there [against Tennessee]. I think he has been much improved from the year before. I think he came into camp with a lot of competition back there. We feel fortunate to have someone like 'Pat' that can go in there and play. We are looking forward to D.J. getting back. Today, we are going to keep him in. We are trying to be as aggressive as possible in the treatment for him."

(On how well Marcell Dareus is playing) "He's playing well."

(On what he is seeing out of Marcell Dareus) "Maybe I take it for granted because I have been with him for so long, but I think he does a very good job, obviously, against the run. He is good on the one-on-one matchups. He gets good push up the middle. You can see him running. He is running extremely well – better than I've seen him in the past, personally. I think he is playing very well."

(On his assessment of Andrew Norwell) "I think he's done a good job. I still think he is improving. We, as a football team, have to continue to improve during the year. That is everyone. Andrew has done a nice job. He came back. He missed some time in training camp, which I always think hurts. We sat down, we talked about it a little bit, and I see him getting better. He has been able to help us and do a good job for us. Offensively, it is hard when you single some guys out, it is hard to tell if they are doing a good job because you look at the end result. The end result – we need 11 guys doing a much better job. We all understand that."

(On Jamal Adams) "We knew coming out he was very good. I think he has taken over right where he has been. He comes down, he blitzes, he covers, he makes tackles. High intensity, high enthusiasm. A ton of respect for the player. He is really an outstanding football player. I put him in there with the best safeties, if not the best safety, we will face all year."

(On forcing more turnovers) "I think sometimes it is opportunities. When you look at the tape, we had a lot of opportunities to do that. We are minus-one right now in the turnover [differential]. We have caused three [turnovers] on defense and we have four [giveaways] on offense. It is something that we want to make sure we are aware of and keep trying to create them. Trying to make sure that we can take care of the football when we have it and trying to create some turnovers from the defensive side. Sometimes, you never know when they are going to come. Sometimes they come in bunches. Sometimes you just have to keep grinding it out. Right now, we are at that point where we are trying to grind it out."

(On Josh Lambo and his success since signing him last season) "Like I said before, it is an interesting feeling. It is one that I really can't describe. Sometimes you have some people go out there and kick for you and you are like, 'Gosh, I hope he gets a good one and makes it.' Sometimes you are like, 'I am on to the next play or doing the next thing.' With Josh, I feel very confident. The communication of 'How do you feel?' A lot like I had in Buffalo with Dan Carpenter. [Carpenter would say], 'I feel good. I can make it,' or 'This one will be tough.' That kind of open communication helps out a ton with the proper decision to make. Josh has done a very good job for us."

(On the key to bouncing back after a loss) "The key to doing it is we had a productive Monday. You can never say good day after a loss. We had a productive Monday where we looked at things and were able to address some of the things we need to get done, execution-wise, the football, the penalties, all the things that contributed to us not performing as well as we should. Coming in with a mindset of really being focused, really putting in the work and preparation. I have always said this and I truly believe it: 'You have to put in the work and you have to put in the preparation, but you can't make the mistake of not understanding that it is a performance-based business and you have to do it on Sunday. Even if you go during the week and you are doing a great job, but when that Sunday comes, you have to be able to put that on the field and be able to perform. That is how you get labeled – by your performance. Not by how you practice or how you work. All that is doing is giving you confidence and preparation knowing that you can go into the game and that you can play at the top level.'"

(On his concerns about penalties) "I think it is hurting us. Obviously, it is hurting our football team. We are not a team that is built to overcome long situations. We keep talking about it. We keep stressing it. I have always said it before. There is no excuse for pre-snap penalties, but obviously some of the plays that happen; there is no excuse to drag someone down or hold somebody. You are better off letting someone go and making the tackle and being in second and 10 rather than first and 20. We just keep trying to coach the technique, coach it off the tape, coach it off of practice, we talk about it in meetings and we have to go out and perform that way."

(On rookie P Logan Cooke) "I think he has been really good inside the 20. I think he has to do a better job of flipping the field. I think he would be the first one to tell you that."

(On bringing in Paxton Lynch for a workout) "I was out there just watching, but I was more concerned about the game planning situation. We just bring guys in to take a look at in case we have injuries."

(On the team's resiliency) "You look back to that stuff last year and you think about it, but again, I preach so much that everything is new and it is a new team, so I think we have to establish that now. I believe the way you establish that is learning from the past, being refocused, going out there, putting in the work during the week, the preparation, the extra things you need to do and then obviously going out there and performing on Sunday. I think it is a new year, different guys and that is the formula in the past that has given everyone an opportunity to do that."