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Groves needs to tweet some sacks


Quentin Groves is a member of the new generation of NFL players who have gone Twitter crazy. If it wasn't for training camp, Groves would be tweeting all day.

Coach Jack Del Rio has a rule against tweeting on the job. Asked what his position is on his players using Twitter, Del Rio said: "Do all you want before you come to work and all you want when you go home."

So how much as Groves been fined for tweeting on the job?

"I haven't been fined, yet," Groves said.

The second-year defensive end says he has 1,400 followers. "I'm trying to get to 20,000. Shawne Merriman has 30,000, but he's in San Diego. T.O. has the most. He has like 500,000."

Would it help Groves' Twitter totals if he got some sacks?

"Low blow," Groves said. "Yeah, it's a popularity thing. Once the sacks come, I'll get some more followers, but I'm happy with my 1,400."

Groves had a mere 2.5 sacks last season as a rookie. He expects that number to improve dramatically this season, based on having a year of experience under his belt and also from having gained 11 pounds of muscle.

"It's not to look pretty or look big. I'm trying to deliver a blow and finish," he said.

The Jaguars traded draft picks to move up and select Groves in the second round of the 2008 draft, after having done the same thing to move up and select Derrick Harvey in the first round. Immediately, Groves and Harvey were designated the Jaguars' pass-rush of the future.

It was hoped Groves and Harvey would step into their futures last season, but it was understandable that they didn't. A year later, the expectations have become demands: They must sack the quarterback.

"I want to be a playmaker," Groves said.

He also wants to be an every-downs end, but it's more likely he'll be used as a pass-rush specialist again this season. That would seem to be his role for now and he understands the number of fans following him on Twitter will be a direct reflection of the number of times he knocks the quarterback down.

"It's a way to interact with fans. Fans feel like they can't touch us. I can tweet and people say, 'OK, he's a real person.'" he said.

If he weren't forbidden to tweet on the job, what would he have said following Thursday morning's practice?

"Just walked off the field from special teams practice. Boy, was it hot," Groves said, then adding, "It's not time for tweeting. It's time for football."

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