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The Jacksonville Jaguars began their third and final full week of

training camp today with two practices at Ferrell Fields. The team

will continue to focus on training camp objectives, with some time

devoted later this week to planning for the second preseason game,

Saturday night against the New York Giants in East Rutherford,

N.J. The Jaguars will conclude their fifth training camp next


Coach Tom Coughlin talked about this week being the "dog days"

of training camp. "This is a time of training camp when it starts to

grind but you have to step up," he said. "We just played a game, but

it's just one piece of the puzzle and the big picture is much larger

than that - we're still in training camp. You just keep pushing on.

The guys who can really stick to it and rise to the occasion when

it's tough, they're the guys that are going to make the greatest


The Jaguars will continue with two-a-days on Tuesday and

Thursday this week (at 8:40 a.m. and 3:20 p.m.), with one practice

scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

A number of players have been limited lately because of injuries:

RB Tavian Banks (hamstring), FB Trevor Bollers (knee), G Ben

Coleman (knee), DE Eric Curry (ankle), WR Damon Dunn

(hamstring), G Todd Fordham (knee), TE Rich Griffith (knee), LB

Anthony Hicks (strained hamstring), LB Bryce Paup (pectoral

muscle), DT Seth Payne (shoulder), OT Leon searcy (finger), DE

Joel Smeenge (shoulder), RB James Stewart (knee), RB Fred

Taylor (ribs) and WR Alvis Whitted (strained groin).

"I'm sure they'll get better, but it's frustrating," said Coughlin. "We

don't expect, for example, offensive linemen to stay injured like they

have - you expect those guys can work their way through about

everything. We're really trying to just keep two groups on the field."

Coughlin praised his team's three young running backs who played

well last Friday in the preseason opener against Carolina. In the

Jaguars' 35-10 win, the trio of George Jones, Chris Howard and

rookie Stacey Mack rushed for 179 yards and two touchdowns.

"They've been pretty consistent throughout camp," said Coughlin.

"All three of those guys performed pretty well. Stacey, obviously

being a rookie, had a lot of catching up to do in terms of protection

and those types of things. But he's done decently with that, as



Plenty of tickets are still available for the August 26 preseason

game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Fans can call the new phone

number for single-game sales (1-888-397-0100) or buy tickets on

the Internet at Single-game prices are $40, $50,

$65 and $85 per ticket.

Fans can also purchase tickets for the Kansas City game with the

three-game Gold package, which also includes the Denver and

Tennessee games during the regular season. The Gold package

costs $129 for one seat at each of the three games. Fans may chose

their seats, subject to availability, in either the North End Zone, East

Upper Deck or West Upper Deck.

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