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Jaguars Quarterback Gardner Minshew II

(On having a day as close to perfection as you could possibly have) "I'm just super grateful. My mindset today was just to play one play at a time. I have got an offensive coordinator that is calling good plays, receivers that caught the ball, an offensive line that is giving me time, and a running game that really got us ahead of the chains. I'm just trying to do my job one play at a time, and I'm very grateful for the opportunities and the people around me."

(On the impact Laviska Shenault Jr. made on the game today) "Laviska [Shenault Jr.] is awesome. He's one of those guys that plays receiver, but he runs the ball like a running back and we just find ways to get the ball into his hands. Even the touchdown to DJ [Chark Jr.], that worked because they were worried about Laviska catching the ball when we were pumping it down to him. I'm very excited for him, and I think he's going to continue to work and stay humble and I think he's going to do really good things for us."

(On the help from the defense to keep the game close and creating stops near the end of the game) "That was huge. That was the story of the day. There's times where we have to pick the defense up and there's times they've definitely picked us up. I'm super happy for those guys. They really closed the game out. They iced the game and won it for us. That's what a team win is all about."

(On feeling more confident this year) "I think one of the things that served us well today was that we all have so much belief in each other. Whether it is me in them or them in me, when you have that, you can trust people to do their jobs. Everybody can focus on their own and I'm really proud of how we played, and I think we are just scratching the surface."

(On the importance of a young team getting a confidence boost from a win like this) "It's huge. Until you actually do it, there's a part of it you have to prove it to yourself. We had a lot of rookies and second year players step up and make huge plays for us today. When they are playing with confidence, you love a young team that plays with confidence. They have the energy. They got that swag about them. I'm very excited for our young guys who really stepped up and made some huge plays for us today."

(On remembering the feeling after playing first NFL game) "You always say 'I know I can play in this league', but until you do it…you know, I know this time last year that was the time when I was really like 'I really can do it'. Our guys have that same confidence where they know that they belong here, and not only do they belong but they can be really good players for us."

(On if this win puts a silence on the tanking rumors) "I don't care what you all talk about. We're going to do what we do. Try to win one game a week. That's all we can do. We're very excited about this start."

(On what was said to James Robinson on the way out of the media room) "All week, really all camp, we knew what we had in James and we knew he could do it. I'm so happy for him. A guy who really got overlooked in the whole process. He is a guy that I identify with. Coming out of high school a very productive player, but didn't get recruited like he should. Super productive in college, but didn't get scouted like he should. He's a great football player and I'm super glad he got the opportunity to get out there and he made the most of it."

(On whether he was able to bring any family/friends to the game today) "Yeah, I got some family and a few friends here. I'm very excited to go see them right after I get done with you all."

(On fans seeing James Robinson and what he was thinking during that hurdle play) "It was kind of funny, after a big play like that, you jog to the ball and look back to see if there are any flags and I think Jawaan [Taylor] and Brandon [Linder] were like 'who the hell is this kid'. They were astounded and I was too. I'm just happy for him and I'm excited to see what he's going to continue to do because he's a really good player."

(On getting in on some touchdown celebrations this year) "They didn't tell me anything. I was kind of left out there, but as long as we score touchdowns, I don't have much to complain about."

(On the energy drawn from fans today) "It was huge. We had some critical situations where the defense needed big stops and the fans were right there with us. It really felt like a home field advantage even though the limited capacity. I encourage people to keep coming out as safely as possible because it really does help. We're going to do our best to make sure we are worth watching and we are very appreciative of everyone who came out today."

(On what he saw in defense that he was able to exploit on his touchdown passes) "DJ's [Chark Jr.] was kind of a low-high read on the corner. We had Laviska [Shenault Jr.] in the flat. If [Keelan] Cole got any depth, we would throw it to him and hope he is going to go run somebody over. Or if the cover bit up, we would be able to throw the touchdown to DJ. The one to Keelan was a great play design by [Offensive Coordinator] Coach Jay Gruden. He kind of snuck out the back door and was wide open and those are the ones you love to throw."