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Jaguars Quarterback Mike Glennon: Sunday, January 3, 2021

Just the way things shook out with injuries, you guys couldn't have gone five wide if you wanted to today. But the four wide receivers all made some plays, and you were under a lot of duress there from the Colts. Laviska Shenault Jr., Chris Conley, Terry Godwin and Keelan Cole Sr. got in there. How did those guys play given the cirumstnaces?

"I thought they played great and all year long we've known about the depth we had at receiver. This is probably the deepest receiver group I've been a part of. Terry (Godwin) showing up – he finally got to do it on a Sunday, but he's been doing it all year on scout team. It was great to see him finally get out there and showcase what he can do. I'm super proud of those guys to go – as many times as we threw the ball, only having four active receivers, they laid it all on the line. They all made plays. Chris (Conley) stepped up big with DJ (Chark Jr.) being out. Keelan (Cole Sr.) is always in the mix, Laviska (Shenault Jr.) two touchdowns, Terry (Godwin). It was a good defense and I thought they stepped up."

Laviska Shenault Jr. in particular, you've seen a lot of NFL receivers in your day, what does the future look like for someone like him?

"If you can find a way to get the ball in his hands, good things are going to happen. He is one of, if not the strongest receiver I've been around and I can't even remember seeing. He is like a running back when he gets the ball in his hands but he can run receiver routes. He is so hard to bring down, he's so strong, he is like a man-child out there. The future is bright for this receiver group, obviously, with DJ (Chark Jr.), I think some of the guys might be free agent, but Chris Conley showed what he can do. We'll see who is back, but Jaguars fans should feel good about their receiver group."

Now that the season has officially concluded, what is your biggest takeaway? Having had so many head coaches in your career, of the performance that Doug Marrrone did this year both on and off the field?

"I think Doug (Marrone) is a great guy. He really does a great job. What they decide, I don't know. That's just how this business works, but we all appreciate what he has done for us and we'll see what happens."

How difficult was this season with COVID-19 and playing in empty stadiums and all the things you guys had to go through this season?

"It's going to feel good not to be wearing a mask everywhere I go and having to worry about getting COVID-19, spreading it to teammates, everything that goes with it. This mask, I will still wear in public. I cannot wait to not be wearing it for half of my day around the building. It's been a unique year. Empty stadiums – I was talking to someone today about it like, 'When was the last time we played somewhere, an away game, without fans?' I think it went all the way back to Houston. I think we only played two games this year away that had fans. So, hopefully next year there will be fans back. The atmosphere will feel more normal, but all in all, I think guys adjusted really well. I think the NFL did a great job, to go through every single game and not get one cancelled is pretty impressive. It's definitely a unique year with a lot of challenges."

You trusting the vaccines and everything to get back to normal by next season?

"We'll see. I don't know. I'm not going to get into – I don't know if that's a political question or what, but I'm not going to go down there."