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Jaguars win coin toss


INDIANAPOLIS—The Jaguars will have a top 10 draft pick for the third consecutive year, the result of having won a coin toss on Friday morning. The Jags were awarded the 10th overall selection in this year's NFL draft; the Denver Broncos will draft 11th.

Technically, the coin toss was between the Jaguars and the Chicago Bears, who had traded their first-round pick to the Broncos for quarterback Jay Cutler. NFL procedure required the draft slot to be determined according to the original owner of the pick.

The Jaguars, Bears and Miami Dolphins each finished with 7-9 records in 2009, requiring draft-order tiebreakers to be employed. The Dolphins will have the 12th overall pick, due to a greater strength of schedule than the Jaguars and Bears. The tie between the Jaguars and Bears had to be broken by a coin toss because the two teams had the same strength of schedule.

As a result of the coin toss, the Jaguars will draft 10th in the first round, 11th in the third round, 10th in the fourth round, 12th in the fifth round and 11th in the sixth round. They don't have a pick in the second and seventh rounds.

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