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Jalen Ramsey - Thursday, December 13, 2018

(On how to get ready for a quarterback that hasn't been playing and how much you can know about a quarterback like that) "Not too much, just a little bit. We kind of have to worry about ourselves and make sure that we are right."

(On what he's seen out of Ronnie Harrison) "He's been doing a good job from what I can see. Yeah, he's been doing a really good job."

(On how long it took the defense to get over the Titans game) "You have to ask some other guys on the defense. The game was over, you have to take the 'L' and move on."

(On if he would vote himself in the Pro Bowl) "I would. I don't vote, though. Some people get it confused because we are losing right now on the team, but if you look at what I do out here, I'm still performing at a high level. I'm still having productive games, doing well, doing my job for the team. You look at me against No. 1 receivers this year, they have had their lowest totals. Tyreek [Hill] – 40 yards. Everybody wants to talk about the one catch, but 40 yards. D-Hop [DeAndre Hopkins], three receptions, 50 yards. He had one long catch, but he had a touchdown as well. Odell [Beckham Jr.], he probably had the best game out of No. 1 wide receivers against me this year. He did really well. I couldn't really play fully my game that game. Who else? T.Y. Hilton, he didn't have his best game against me. Look at other weeks – he is putting up 100 [yards]. Three weeks before playing us, what did he do? He put up 200 the week after I want to say. A.B [Antonio Brown], I did my thing that game. He still got off, he still had his, but I wasn't covering him right then. I'm not trying to just say what I'm doing, but I just feel like people forget sometimes. People are talented. There are other talented corners out here. My peers are definitely a talented group, but you look at me and you look at them, there is nothing they can really do."

(On if he feels he played as well as he did last year and if he's grown as a professional) "Grown as a professional, yes. I think actually, to an extent I've played better in some areas, but not as good in other areas. I haven't had as many PBUs this year. My interceptions are around the same actually. I really have five to be honest with you. That one in the Cowboys game, I count that. I don't know if I got my feet down, but … The Bills game, you know they weren't going to let me get an interception against Josh Allen. I'm still waiting on the NFL to respond to us on what the penalty was, but that was a pick, too. I really have five even though it says three, I really have five. I dropped one in the Jets game, so I was tripping. In some areas, I've played better. In some areas, I still need to improve on."

(On if he's proud that his INTs have been highlight reel INTs and the knock on him in college being his ball skills) "Not really [a pride thing]. When the opportunities have come, I have tried to seize the opportunity, which is what I try to do as best as I can for the team. That was the knock. I dropped at least five picks in college – maybe they all came my junior year, too. That mixed with not getting a ton of action in college. That was fine that they said that coming into the draft, but I've always been confident in myself."

(On his interpretation of Defensive Coordinator Todd Wash's comments about this being his team) "There was a little more to that conversation. They started the conversation a little late of what was shown to everyone. In terms of that part, like I told him shit is tough, excuse my language. Especially this year has been pretty tough with losing and trying to cope with losing. People always try to say this guy or that guy or me personally, he doesn't take losing well and he has a bad attitude. I am never going to take losing well. When you start taking losing well that is a guy you don't really want, to be honest, if you are okay with losing. That is what I was saying when I said it is tough. What you didn't see was he was telling me that he appreciates me playing hard throughout the game at the end of the game when we were losing big. I was showing emotion. I know a lot of people joked on me and got mad at me about celebrating the goal line stand, but I don't care. I think people said things to me and Telvin. Just because we are losing by a big amount does that mean we are supposed to stop playing with passion? Does that mean we are supposed to stop playing with a lot of heart? Does mean we are supposed to go sit on the bench and be sad or are we going to keep playing? As long as I am on the field I am going to try to give it my all. That is what we did out there. That is what true leaders do. I think all my teammates and coaches respect that. They saw that. It is funny to me, all the memes and stuff like that. That is what it is. In regard to him saying this will be my team for a long time, I don't know. What was it five weeks ago we had some other things being said? I truly don't know. I am going to let the front office handle that. Let my agent handle that. If I am here for a while I am going to try to bring my heart and my passion to this team, to this city and do the best I can for my team for a long team."

(On if he has his eyes on an extension this offseason) "Like I said, I am going to let my agent and front office handle that. After what came out five weeks ago or however many weeks ago it was – yes, I am feeling like [that]. If [the team] is serious about [trade reports] not being real then I need to make it happen. If not, maybe what came out five weeks ago will happen. We will see. I am just going to keep enjoying every day. I am blessed. Let them handle it."

(On if he wants this defense to represent him and his style of play) "By the way I play, yes. I think in all my years here I have given maybe one speech to the team before the London game because I was feeling some type of way. I had it on my chest. I don't really talk to people before. I don't talk to the guys before the game. I am in my own little zone. I try to go out there and play with a lot of passion. I talk smack out there to the other team and sometimes even my teammates to get the juice going. 

(On building the defense around him) "Football is a true team game. As a corner, I can play as well as I want to, but I still need everyone else, the lineman, the other 10 guys to play well. I can do my part. I can't do more than what I can do out there on the outside. That is what I try to do. Having a 'C' on my chest, being labeled as the leader, that doesn't really matter to me as long as I am out there giving my all and my teammates and coaches respect it. That is what I care about mostly. If guys are following my example by how I play and stuff that is cool. I think I can set a good example on that."