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Jalen Ramsey - Tuesday, November 19, 2018

(On adjusting to the schedule this week) "They switched a couple days around so we can have Thanksgiving with our families and friends or whoever else might be in town that you are going to eat your Thanksgiving meal with."

(On how Thanksgiving will be different this year with the addition of his daughter) "I am going to do the same thing. She is going to be with me."

(On if his daughter will make him appreciate Thanksgiving more) "I have always really appreciated it. I am super thankful for all the people that God has blessed me to have in my life."

(On if he wishes he didn't speak about Bills QB Josh Allen) "Nope. Everyone who knows me knows why I was so hard on him."

(On if his comments will come up during the game) "No."

(On if his performance against the Steelers was his best performance as a pro) "I don't know. I would like to win. Somehow, someway if I was able to make even more plays it would have made it better."

(On if he embraces the offensive upswing recently in the NFL) "Yes, that is kind of what the league is turning into. They want exciting football. It is an offensive league. As a corner, that is why we are so valuable nowadays. It makes our job tough, but you have to embrace that challenge."

(On how long he has known Kelvin Benjamin) "I know KB pretty well. We were [together] for a year at Florida State. He was super influential. He was a big leader on our team that year when we won the National Championship. I got to play him last year. I am excited to play him again."

(On the difficulty in getting ready for this week after an emotional loss) "It is a new week. We have to move on, move our focus to this week and this game."

(On what made him want to get involved with the Boys & Girls Club in Jacksonville) "I was once in the Boys & Girls Club at a young age, me and my brother and cousin. It is somewhere kids can go and they have a good environment to be in. They can learn a little more and stay out of trouble. My dad has been working with them for a while back home. I wanted to bring that here to Jacksonville as well. I have been working with them for a little while now, and I wanted to keep it going this year."

(On if the Boys & Girls Club helped shape his childhood) "My parents did an amazing job raising me and my brother. That was a little extra you could say. When they were working, out there working hard, we had somewhere to go where we felt safe, we could learn, we could have fun, make new friends and stay out of trouble."

(On why he felt he needed to comment on Josh Allen) "Because I wanted to. I don't know the answer you are looking for."

(On if everyone who knows him knows why he said it) "If you do not know me that is on you. Y'all don't know me. If you look deep into it you will be able to figure out why I was so hard. It is what it is."