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Keelan Cole - Sunday, September 16, 2018

(On if it felt good winning by staying aggressive on offense) "It feels good to win in general. We trust the coaches and our coaches obviously do a great job. We just listen to them and get in position when they tell us to. All that there really is."

(On if he heard the outside criticism that the wide receivers need to make more plays) "Not at all. We do a good job of not bringing the outside into the locker room. Honestly, I don't watch TV personally, so I wouldn't know either way."

(On Blake Bortles bouncing back from his late interception) "Honestly, I forgot he had a pick. With #5, he is never that way (being done) regardless of the mistakes he has made. He can make a play at any time; he is athletic as any quarterback in the league."

(On what Bortles performance says for today compared to his past criticisms) "First off, I would like to say there is a lot of people who will never be as good as Tom Brady. There is also a lot of people who will never be in the league as long as Tom Brady, so that is stupid. What does everyone say? Blake is our quarterback (laughs). I trust Blake. Blake trusts Blake. Coaches trust Blake. Jaguars trust Blake. That's all we need to know in order for Blake to be that man. It doesn't matter what anyone else says. Blake is here. We are winning and he's doing his thing."

(On If the one-handed catch was the best he has ever made) "(Yes) So far. That's all I have to say about that. I have to watch it too."