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Keelan Cole - Sunday, September 30, 2018

(On the Jets defensive coverage's) "They actually switched it up so much I really couldn't tell. I couldn't tell you what they were playing. They were trying to confuse us and switch it up, but we just stuck to the game plan and everything worked out. I couldn't tell you what they were actually running."

(On his thoughts on the turnovers the offense committed) "Luckily, we were already ahead and we got a nice lead before we started doing all those things, but those things have happened before. We just want to prevent them."

(On the success of an inexperienced receiving corps) "We're doing our part so we're just going to catch the ball and make our plays. That's all we can do and that's what we expect from ourselves. That's all it is."

(On the luxury of having a great defense when the offense commits turnovers) "There's no luxury when you have turnovers when the game is close and anything could happen at any time. There is really no luxury. Our defense is doing the same thing that they've been doing."