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Leftwich says no surgery


Byron Leftwich said he is not considering surgery on his left ankle at this time and that he has accepted coach Jack Del Rio's decision to keep David Garrard in the starting lineup.

"It's not painful enough for me to have the clean-out procedure. Right now, it feels about 90 (percent). That's about all you can expect of anybody in the locker room in week 10," Leftwich said.

Del Rio informed Leftwich on Monday afternoon that Garrard would remain the Jaguars' starting quarterback and that Leftwich would be given extended time for his injured ankle to heal.

"I didn't have (a) reaction," Leftwich said of his conversation with Del Rio. "The coach made a decision. As a pro, I have to do whatever I can to help this team win. I won't be a distraction."

Del Rio explained to reporters on Monday that Leftwich's injury is not likely to improve without extended rest. "The information I've been given is that it's not going to get better any time soon," Del Rio reiterated during Wednesday's press conference.

When asked if Leftwich should undergo the surgical clean-out procedure now, Del Rio said: "That's the kind of thing (Leftwich) needs to determine; the doctors need to determine."

The Jaguars began preparations on Wednesday for this Sunday's game against the Houston Texans, and for the first time in three weeks Garrard began the Wednesday practice knowing he is the starting quarterback.

"Knowledge is power. I don't have to think about too many things. Just help this team win," Garrard said.

The Jaguars will present their official injury report by four p.m. on Wednesday. At the noon press conference, Del Rio said he hadn't ruled Leftwich "out" of Sunday's game.

Leftwich has been the team's "third quarterback" each of the previous two weeks, leaving Quinn Gray as Garrard's backup. Gray has never started an NFL game but Del Rio said he is comfortable with Gray in the backup role.

"We like Quinn. He's played well when he has played. He gives our defense fits every week as our scout team quarterback. He's extremely intelligent," Del Rio said.

Leftwich's role is not certain. Obviously, it depends on his physical recovery, and it would also seem to depend on Garrard's performance.

When asked if he expects to play again this season, Leftwich paused and then said: "I don't know. It's at the standpoint that a lot of stuff is out of my control. I'm wondering what's next, too."

Leftwich declined to provide specifics of his injury to the media.

"I won't, but I'll give you; it's nothing major. Every time you sprain your ankle stuff like this happens," he said.

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