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Malik Jackson - Sunday, September 30, 2018

(On his thoughts on today's game) "We did what we were supposed to do. We knew that they came in here with a rookie quarterback and a good offensive line and some good skill guys, but we knew in order to get their pass game going, that they would need to get their run game going. Coach [Wash] prides himself on having a run-stopping defense and as much as we love stopping the pass, we're built to stop the run. Once we asserted ourselves, I don't think they could get back after that."

(On his mindset after the three turnovers the Jaguars offense committed) "Just play defense. We get paid to play defense so we don't get upset. We love the opportunity to go out there and put stuff on film and pad our stats, so it's one of those things we say that we're going to go out here and play whenever the coach or whenever the team needs us."

(On getting his first sack of the year) "Well this one didn't get called back, but it's a blessing. Coach Wash put me in a great position and called a great play which allowed me to get home, but it's been a long time coming."

(On the success the defense has in the red zone) "Because we've got two good corners, two good safeties, three good linebackers and four good defensive linemen. I think everybody on our defense understands who they are and what they are and they understand that if I do my job then the man next to me is going to do his, so that's all we need."