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Marqise Lee - Thursday, August 9, 2018

(On if the offense could have been any more perfect in tonight's game) "No, we had a good drive with basic completions and big runs. That's how I was thinking about it as I was coming in and having us win."

(On why the offense got off to a great start) "I think it was the run off the bat. Everybody nowadays are focusing on the run and things like that so we had the opportunity to spread it around as far as passing and people making plays then going back to the run. It was all working out the way we wanted it to work out."

(On if he gave any of the younger guys any advice) "I tried to help much as I can but the biggest thing is to stay calm for the most part. 'It's just like practice' is what I keep telling them but I think that they did good. I saw them fighting out there a little bit and making plays."

(On how important it was to get quality reps) "For sure, we weren't trying to go back out there for another series so our main focus was to put up a good drive and try to score and that's exactly what we did."