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Myles Jack - Saturday, August 18, 2018

Q: How much do you think you will hear about the penalties all week?

A: Man, that will definitely be a topic of discussion. Because some tackles, some angles. I don't know it is kind of inevitable, it's going to happen. The refs will get that right, its preseason so they are going to be quick to draw the flags and by the regular season they will figure it out.

Q: Are you guys creeping closer to where you want to be as we head into preseason game number three?

A: Absolutely, I get what you're saying. You know guys got better. Younger guys got in there and made plays. Always improvement, there is always good things that come from it. I mean we got the win. So, I am looking at it like we lost, because I am not proud of my performance individually but at the end of the day we all got better and we will be right when it really matters.

Q: Did the week go well? And this had to feel almost like regular season intensity right there on the sideline.

A: Yeah, as far as the game today, yeah, I was telling the young guys it's really a game right now. Both teams were showing a lot of things, managing the game, playing field position. It was a real game today, that's how I looked at it. I think it was great for guys to get experience.