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Please, no noise-makers

Join *Jaguars Inside Report *Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Jonathan Brouillette from Orlando, FL:
Do you expect Jimmy Smith to get any playing time in the preseason?
Vic: Your question will become very pertinent soon. For Jimmy Smith to be in the lineup on opening day against the Steelers, you would think he would have to play in at least one preseason game. That's my expectation.

George Young from Brunswick, GA:
I recall a question to you a few weeks back concerning the Jaguars handing out mini-megaphones as a promotion. You stated that the league has a "no noise-maker" policy. That being the case, why did I receive an advertisement from the Jaguars with a picture of a man using a mini-megaphone as part of the current "Go All Out!" campaign? If I bring one, will it be taken away?
Vic: Don't take the advertisement literally. The Jaguars adhere to the NFL's "no noise-maker" policy, and any kind of megaphone would be a violation of that policy. If you bring one to the stadium, it will be confiscated, per NFL rules.

David Wielgus from Orlando, FL:
The Jaguars defense seems to create a lot of fumbles, but doesn't seem to intercept many passes. How do we compare with the rest of league in recovering fumbles and intercepting passes, and what must be done to improve those totals?

Vic: Last season, the Jaguars defense was 12th in the league in interceptions and 18th in fumble recoveries. Obviously, to increase their interceptions total the Jaguars have to improve their pass-rush and their coverage, although 12th isn't bad. As far as forcing more fumbles, coach Tom Coughlin has really put an emphasis on stripping the ball in this training camp.

Mike Leone from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
How have our main rookies been doing? I heard that they moved Stroud and Williams to second team for a while, and I was wondering about their progress. Also, what are the Jags thinking about doing with the extra cap room. Will they save it, or will they go out and look for a veteran?
Vic: Marcus Stroud only got four days of practice in before he broke his hand. Maurice Williams has distinct ability and gives every reason to believe he will be the Jaguars' right tackle for the long-term future, but, as you might expect, he's in the crawling stages of his development and I don't think it's fair to expect him to be a major contributor early in the season. As for the rest of the rookie class, third-round picks Eric Westmoreland and James Boyd, seventh-rounder Marlon McCree, and undrafted free agent Randal Williams have been very impressive. As far as the extra salary cap room the Jaguars have created, it's not enough to permit the Jaguars much more than a minimum-wage acquisition. They need whatever room they've created, and it's minimal, for in-season operations. Any effort in acquiring a veteran player of salary significance would require the creation of more cap room.

George Piros from Savannah, GA:
As we all know, coach Coughlin is of the old school, as was Lombardi, Parcells, etc., who believe in full-contact practices. In light of all the injuries we have had in the last few years, and the success that many of the less-harsh coaches have had, wouldn't it be better to "save it for the game" than beat each other up during practice. We seem to go into the end of each season with many of our starters nowhere near as healthy as many of our opponents'. We have not had a single season where our starting quarterback, running back, or receivers all played the entire season, let alone the defense. The Baltimore Ravens took us to the woodshed last year; they saved themselves for the games. We took it out on each other and were caught flat-footed. We cannot afford any injuries this year due to the limited experience we have in the backups. You can get in shape and learn the plays without burning out before the end of the year.
Vic: The only full contact I've seen in this training camp to date is Marcus Stroud's right hand striking Mark Baniewicz's helmetless head.

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