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Stroud breaks hand in Tuesday fight


The injury bug has claimed the newest Jaguars player, but coach Tom Coughlin isn't blaming Marcus Stroud's broken hand on bad luck.

"It's one of those unfortunate dumb things," Coughlin said following this morning's practice at the Jaguars' Alltel Stadium practice facility.

Stroud, the Jaguars' first-round draft choice, broke his right hand yesterday afternoon when, after engaging second-year offensive tackle Mark Baniewicz in a post-play fight, Stroud's hand connected with Baniewicz's helmetless head.

"It will affect his development. We're going to keep him down for a week to begin the healing," Coughlin said of Stroud, the 6-6, 321-pound defensive tackle from Georgia.

Stroud watched this morning's practice while wearing a large cast on his right hand and arm. He will obviously miss this Friday's combined practices with the visiting New Orleans Saints.

Veteran linebacker Kevin Hardy joined Stroud, defensive tackle Larry Smith and safety Carnell Lake on the sidelines this morning. Hardy is nursing a groin injury. Meanwhile, Smith's injury has been re-classified as a groin strain. Lake has a strained hamstring.

This morning's practice featured a 9-on-7 drill Coughlin considered to be less than satisfactory.

"We've got a ways to go, on both fronts. Our explosiveness off the ball and our thump power is not there," Coughlin said.

Quarterback Mark Brunell was back in action after being held out of yesterday afternoon's practice due to a sore left elbow.

Coughlin was asked to comment on the passing of Vikings offensive tackle Korey Stringer, who died early this morning after suffering heat stroke.

"It makes you very conscious of safety. You have to make sure your training staff is very aware of who might be susceptible to that," Coughlin said.

"Our schedule is well thought out. We start out the first night with a hydration lecture. We'll keep our eye on those who are not as in-shape as others," he added.

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