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Tashaun Gipson - Sunday, September 16, 2018

(On Blake Bortles' play) "They can say what they want but I mean the dude is phenomenal. When the dude is on, he is on. For all the negativity people want to say and surround about Blake, at the end of the day, he has won football games and right now he is 2-0 as our starting quarterback. He went out there and dominated and played a damn near perfect game. As a defense, that is all you can ask your quarterback for. He played lights out. I expect him to continue to play lights out. He is going out there against the best and he is playing phenomenal." 

(On if this was a statement game for the Jaguars) "A lot of outsiders looked at this as a statement game, but for us, we truly looked at it as an opportunity for us to dominate and show who we are as a team on offense, defense and special teams. A lot of people hyped this game up as statement game or revenge game but to us it was another game we wanted to make sure we came out and tried to be 2-0. We understood what happened last year but at the end of the day it's a new year. The year before we were a 3 and 13 team so whatever happened last year we didn't put that in our head. We wanted to go out and be dominant and that is what I think we did." 

(On avoiding another 3rd-and-18 this week) "I told y'all. The mystery was over. Everyone said who is going to guard No. 87 (Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski)? Just run the tape. I don't know how many passes he caught on me but zero maybe (laughs). No 3rd and 18s, I guaranteed that so I have to live it. Seriously, it was a huge win for us. It's exciting. We have to embrace this, then come back Monday and get ready for the Titans next week." 

(On how they stopped the Patriots) "At the end of the day, I really appreciate the coaches putting the confidence in me. A lot of people wanted to see the matchup with Jalen (Ramsey) (on Gronkowski) so I apologize I didn't give them that matchup. The coaches believed in me. I have never wavered because I feel I have never met a tight end I couldn't cover. I have been doing this since last year and it's a matchup I was excited about. He (Gronkowkski) wasn't excited about it as I was because I am just Tashaun Gipson. You all were pumped for this matchup because I knew what I could do. When you turn on the tape, you can see what it looked like."