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Taven Bryan - Saturday, August 25, 2018

(On his thoughts on playing his first NFL game) "I just wanted to come out and feel the speed of the game and knocking off the rust was probably the biggest thing for me. Obviously, I missed a couple of games but knocking that dust off was really good and getting a feel for the game, we'll have some tape tonight and I'll see what I need to fix and where I need to go from here."

(On if his first game was as he expected it to be) "Yes, kind of what I expected. One of the biggest things is I go against a great offensive line, so I'm used to it and the guys we have here are pretty stupid good to be honest. And when you go against somebody else you're kind of used to it with the speed. " 

(On how it was going against a different team) "They played a lot of outside zone so that's stuff you see in college, something similar to a Georgia team." 

(On what threw him for a loop in tonight's game) "Just getting used to playing defensive end. I'm more comfortable and used to playing a three technique, so I really enjoy it when I do get a chance to go down there. But I definitely need to get used to playing end."