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Telvin Smith Sr. - Sunday, September 23, 2018

(On the defense doing a lot of what they wanted to do early) "No, we wanted to win. That was the number one goal. We didn't do it. We didn't get it accomplished. We wanted to make sure we showed them we could stop the run and towards the end they had couple of runs on us and they ended up getting a field goal on us on the last drive so we have some work to do.."

(On not having all phrases of the team working) "You will have Sundays where a side will go out and play an awesome game. We didn't have that. That happened in the Pittsburgh game last year. Everyone will come out and say the offense this and the offense that, but to me it's the defense. The offense scored six. After they put up three, we should have stopped them. After they put up the second [field goal], that was another point for us that was a plus. At the end of the day, it's on us. We say we are the best [defense] so we have to go out and be the best."

(On if this was a punch in the gut that this was a division game) "When I came in the locker room, it was tough because they are a team that has gone on record saying they don't have any respect for us and they are the champs. Then they come out and beat us. It shows us what we have to do in the division. It shows us where we have to go. Again, we are more than capable and the next time we play them I guarantee we will be more than ready to play them."

(On if he has any curiosity how the team will respond next week) "A lot of teams, [yes], but this one, no. Not after I saw the look in the guy's eyes. We came back in the locker room and the guys expressed emotion. It's not like guys got quiet. No one will shy away from it. Things were said, so no, not this team."