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The Boselli series: Angi Boselli


JACKSONVILLE – She had experienced disappointment. Years of it. 

So, when Angi Boselli learned her husband – former Jaguars left tackle Tony Boselli – had been elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, her emotions blurred. First, came a telephone call. Then, came the words from Hall President Jim Porter. 

"I didn't hear much beyond that," Angi Boselli said with laugh. 

Angi Boselli recently joined senior writer John Oehser as part of a series of podcasts to discuss Tony Boselli – the first Jaguars player elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. She discussed multiple topics – including what Jacksonville and the Jaguars have meant to her, Tony, and their family. 

She discussed, too, learning of Tony's election via the phone call from Porter. 

Only the phone call wasn't actually from Porter. Rather, it was from Vice President of Hall of Famer Relations Michelle Norris. Angi knew Hall officials likely would contact her before Tony were he elected this year. That's because the Hall process this year was for a family member to help set up a surprise visit for the candidate to be informed. 

When Norris called in January, Angi was at home with her children. Knowing Hall officials would want the news secret – if it indeed was good news – she texted Norris to call back in 10 minutes. She then went to the house of friends Eric and Kay Murphy. 

"I was sitting in the kitchen shaking and saying, 'Oh my gosh, oh my gosh' – and it rang again," Angi said. "I answered and I was literally holding my breath. I said, 'Michelle, please tell me you're calling with good news.' She (Norris) paused and paused it freaked me out.  

"[Porter] was on the call as well. He said, 'Well, Michelle doesn't have good news for you, but I do. Tony is being inducted into the Hall of Fame.'  

"I put my head between my knees and was sobbing. It was amazing." 

Angi spent the next two weeks playing the key role in getting Tony to the Murphys' house. She also ensured their five children, Tony's mother and others, were there when Hall of Fame left tackle Anthony Munoz – an idol of Boselli's – rang the doorbell along with an NFL Network crew to inform Tony he had been elected to the Hall.

Angi said that last part – keeping the news secret from Tony – wasn't as difficult as one might think. 

"Honestly, this moment is so incredibly, incredibly special that trying to maximize every single moment has been paramount and at the forefront of every single decision I have made," she said. "I'm so incredibly proud and excited and I know what it means to him. So to cheat him of any aspect of what this means … over my dead body. 

"When it finally did happen, there was nothing I wouldn't have done to preserve him getting the knock. So, that was easy." 

To listen to the entire podcast with Angi Boselli, please click here.

Tony Boselli became the Jaguars' first draft pick in club history on April 22, 1995. On February 10, he became the first Jacksonville Jaguar Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee. Take a look at images of the modern-era inductee named for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2022.

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