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Tom Coughlin - Thursday, April 25, 2019

(Opening Statement) "That is the way the draft goes. Josh Allen was very high on everyone's board. As it was coming down, there were a number of picks in front of us where we thought he would go, but as it turned out we had some choices to make if in fact he was gone, but when he fell to us he was a superior football player and too good of a player to possibly pass up. As you know, you have read about him, he is outstanding athletically. He drops in coverage. He rushes the passer. He is a good ball stripper. He gives good effort. You see him work sideline to sideline. He is long. He ran in the low 4.6's and at his size he is a guy who gets on the edge and really has some opportunity for refinement at the professional level. We talked openly on his visit here. We had a real fine visit with him and kidded him of where he was going to go and he said, 'Well maybe you will have to trade up to get me.' (laughs)I just reminded him of that one. Outstanding young man. A guy who will definitely help our defensive football team and hopefully will continue to get stronger and better on that side of the ball. We have a bunch of picks to work on the rest of the draft."

(On if T.J. Hockenson did not have the same value to take with the seventh overall selection) "He was very close up where we were, and they were both were very close, but Allen was a higher thought of player."

(On if this was a dream scenario when the team practiced hypothetical mock drafts) "In most of the scenarios we put together, the hypothetical issues, he was gone."

(On how Allen fits schematically) "17.5 sacks. I hope he can rush the passer. We expect him to be able to be on the edge, no matter who you line up with. Your 3-4 teams, when it goes to the nickel situation or the passing downs, very rarely is that configuration maintained, and it becomes a little bit more evenly balanced. He fits in as a pass rusher and also can play defensive end or outside backer."

(On during the team's hypothetical mock drafts did they envision the picks the Raiders and Giants made) "It was very, very likely that the Giants were going to take the quarterback. It was just which quarterback was it going to be? I know in studying it that Daniel Jones was going to be very high on the Giants list, but still you had [Dwayne] Haskins, Jones, you had quarterback versus some other position. The Giants also needed a pass rusher, but obviously they made the move to get the guy they wanted and took the quarterback at number six."

(On if tackle was also considered) "We were very much involved in offensive lineman, the tight end and the outstanding defensive player if he fell to us."

(On Allen's ability to excel late in games) "That was certainly part of it, his ability to play over the course of the entire football game and continue to pressure the passer, even though late in the game – like I said, his ability to rush on either side, his ability to drop and his athleticism, as demonstrated by the combine, etc. as well. A very impressive young man and football player."

(On if Allen was in the team's top five players) "Yes."

(On how this pick affects the team's later picks) "We will continue to be dominated in our decision making by the best player, but obviously we have some needs that we would like to fill."

(On if this reminds him of former Giants drafts where the team took a defensive end even though it was a strength of the team) "Can't get enough. Can't have enough."