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Transcript - Jaguars Wide Receiver Jalen Camp: May 1, 2021

(On if he was drafted where he thought he would be) "Thank you very much for your congratulations. This is definitely a very exciting time for me and my family. But as for your question, this is typically what I've been hearing from various different teams, as well as my agent. You hear all those things, but you just know the draft; you could slip, you could hear fifth round and end up undrafted. So, just to see everything come full circle and being able to get drafted was huge for me."

(On what being one of several Georgia Tech players drafted says about their program) "I think it speaks volumes for what [Georgia Tech Head Coach] Coach Collins is doing down here in Atlanta. I think in the next couple years, we'll be a school that'll be on ESPN daily, be talked about like the Clemsons and Alabamas. I think he's doing everything the right way, coaching us to be men, be professionals. And then the recruiting side of things, I haven't seen anybody [that's] a better recruiter than Coach Collins, just the talent he's bringing into Atlanta. I think as we continue to do that we'll become more and more of a powerhouse."

(On catching passes from QB Trevor Lawrence) "I think that'll be awesome, man. Me going to Tech, I watched and played against Trevor Lawrence for the past few years, just watching the type of quarterback that he is, his arm strength, his accuracy. I think we all watched day one of the draft and knew the type of guy Jacksonville would be getting. Just for me to be able to play alongside him, it's definitely very exciting for me and I can't wait for it."

(On his potential) "I think I have a very high ceiling. That's something I stressed to a lot of coaches and a lot of guys I've talked to throughout this entire process. I think whoever reaches out and takes a chance on me is going to get a diamond in this draft. I think that with me starting to play football in ninth, tenth grade, I have a very high ceiling, like I mentioned, and I'm a guy that's eager to learn and just come in and wants to get better each and every day and I look forward to that."

(On why he started playing football later in his life) "It probably started with my dad. My dad was a huge basketball fan, huge Michael Jordan fan, so growing up basketball was just the sport that I kind of gravitated to. All the way up until my ninth-grade year, I've been a basketball guy my whole life, wanted to go to UNC like Michael Jordan, and wanted to make it to the NBA. That was just my dream. Once I got to ninth, tenth grade, I had my friends [say] come out and play football and try it out with us. I went out there and I loved it from the moment I stepped out on the field. I had a decision to make, either football or basketball, and my dad [said] whatever we're going to do, we're going to go 110% at that. I ended up making a decision for football and it's brought me here today."

(On joining fellow Georgia Tech alumni in Jacksonville) "It'll be awesome. I got to spend a year with Tyler Davis after he transferred from UConn and I spent three, four years with Nathan Cottrell. I reached out to Nathan right after it happened and we expressed our excitement for each other and I just can't wait to get down there. He's been in Jacksonville for a year now, for him to show me the cool spots to eat at and how things are done down in Jacksonville."

(On if he still plays basketball) "No sir, sadly I do not. Once I started getting serious in football, that was something that my dad kind of nixed with the possibility of injuries and stuff like that. So, if I do catch myself on the court, I'm probably shooting standstill free throws or something like that. I won't be dunking anymore anytime soon."

(On which statistic he is most proud of) "I wish I could've gotten a couple more inches on the vertical. I felt like I had it in me. I guess you can only jump twice, but that was fine. I think the thing that stands out to me the most is probably my 40. I weighed in that day at 226, and to be able to run 4.4 I think was very huge for me. It helped me a lot in this process as well. Something that I had in my head for a couple years now was beating the receiver bench press record. I knew that me being an under the radar type of receiver, I think that I [knew that] was going to automatically bring attention and eyes towards me to get more looks."