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Tyler Patmon - Saturday, August 18, 2018

Q: Lots of opportunities here in this camp, and in this week. How do you think today went?

A: I think today went pretty good. Still some stuff I need to clean up, but it was a good opportunity for me to come out on a game day and put it on film. Been doing it in practice, now I have to put it on film.

Q: You had the holding call on the first play, then after that, was it one of those situations where you are kind of figuring out what is and what isn't a penalty at this point?

A: Right, I mean it's just like you said, kind of learning those reps. I mean it's his call. I have to respect the call and learn from it.

Q: The challenge you had this week, working against them in practices, it seemed like it was always defense wins, defense wins. These are two very good defensive teams. When you go into even a preseason game, does that have a different feel to it when you know it's going to be that kind of a game?

A: Oh yeah, us as a defense going into this game we know these guys are one of the top defenses in the NFL too, so of course we want to come out and put on a good performance to show that we want to be on the top.