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Accessible Seating Requests

Should a guest need access to a wheelchair space or accessible seating, accommodations can be made through the Jaguars Ticket Office. Please call (904) 633-2000 to check the availability of desired seating. Guests not in wheelchairs but requiring special assistance should also contact the Jaguars Ticket Office. For special assistance on game day, please visit the nearest Guest Service Booth. Gameday relocations are available on a first come, first served basis and are not guaranteed. Accessible seating is provided by Brooks Rehabilitation.

Assisted Listening Devices

Assisted listening devices are available at all Guest Services Booths and are available on a first come, first served basis. Please see Guest Service Booths for the locations throughout the stadium.

Bag Policy

The Jaguars follow the NFL bag policy that limits the size and type of bags that may be brought into the stadium. The Jaguars strongly encourage guests to not bring any type of bag to the game. Prohibited bags CANNOT be folded or rolled up inside clear bags. For more details, please see our full list of Prohibited Items.

Permitted bags include:

· Bags that are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12" x 6" x 12."

· One-gallon clear plastic freezer bag (Ziploc bag or similar)

· Nonclear clutch bags or wallets no larger than 4.5" x 6.5" may be carried into the stadium along with one of the clear bag options.

Any medically necessary items must be pre-approved by the Jaguars. Please contact (904) 633-2000 or to be considered for approval at least 48 hours prior to event start. All items will be subject to proper inspection at entry gate.

Closed Captioning

TIAA Bank Field offers closed captioning through CaptionCast on your smart device. Using the Jaguars Mobile App go to Gameday and select CC ID: 'Jaguars.' On the internet, visit and your event ID is 'Jaguars' (ID is case sensitive). In addition to closed captioning, assisted listening devices are available at all Guest Services booths.


Elevators are available in the following locations:

• Gate 1 presented by Dream Finders Homes (recommended for guests in Sections 148-150, 101-106, 201-206, and 405-414)

• Between Gate 2 presented by Florida Blue and Gate 3 (recommended for guests in Sections 113-133 and 217-229 and north end zone deck)

• Gate 4 (recommended for guests in Sections 140-147, 240-245, and 432-441)

• East and West Club (East and West or Suite tickets)

Emergency Information

If any individual needs immediate assistance, please notify the nearest Guest Service Team member (Jaguars, ASM, SAFE, JSO, JFRD, Fanatics, City Wide, or Delaware North) or visit a Guest Services Booth. Guests may also call the game day hotline at 904-633-6100 or text (904) 633-6400 with your location and issue. In the event of a stadium-wide emergency (i.e.: severe weather, lightning) all Guest Service Team members and the Jacksonville Emergency Services agency are ready and available to assist all guests. Pertinent information regarding the situation and procedures, including "sheltering" or "evacuation" directions, if needed, will be provided over the public address system and on the stadium televisions and video boards. All guests are asked to please remember the following:

  • Follow the directions of Guest Service Team members.
  • Do not panic.
  • Keep members of your party together, especially children and others in need of assistance.
  • Listen for updated instructions and respond appropriately.
  • Public safety takes priority over all entertainment activities. The event will not resume until the conditions are safe.

Family Restrooms

Single-stall family restrooms are available for guests who need privacy for family or medical reasons. Family restrooms are located throughout the stadium. Most are directly adjacent to the Guest Services Booths.

Food Policy

Outside food is permitted inside TIAA Bank Field for Jacksonville Jaguars home games, provided it is unwrapped and placed inside a one-gallon clear plastic bag no larger than 11" x 11".

All food items are subject to visual inspection and may be subject to a more thorough inspection if determined to be necessary. No outside liquids or beverages will be permitted to enter TIAA Bank Field other than a factory-sealed plastic bottle of water 16.9 oz or less.

Any medically necessary exceptions must be pre-approved by the Jaguars. Guests can contact (904) 633-2000 or to be considered for approval.

Gate Opening Times

Gate 1 presented by Dream Finders Homes, Gate 4, and the Fan Entertainment Zone three hours prior to kickoff.

Gate 2 presented by Florida Blue, Gate 3, the East and West Club entrances, and the entire seating bowl open 2 hours prior to kickoff.

All guests are subject to security inspection prior to admittance into the stadium. Re-entry is prohibited.

Guest Service Booths

Guest Services Booths open two hours prior to kickoff and close following the game. Guests may visit the booths to ask questions, seek assistance, or register for promotions. Guest Services Booths are in the following locations:

• Main Concourse: north end zone at Section 123

• Main Concourse: southeast corner at Section 144

• Main Concourse: southwest corner at Section 102

• Upper Concourse: west upper deck at Section 410

• Upper Concourse: east upper deck at Section 436

• East and West Club: On the ground level and immediately outside the elevator on the upper and lower levels.

Medical Exception Letters

Guests needing medical exception for a prohibited item, such as an insulated non-clear bag, should contact the Jaguars in advance by emailing . All items entering the stadium are subject to inspection.


All Sports Complex parking lots are for patrons with parking passes only and single-game passes are available on a limited basis. Please call the Jaguars ticket office at (904) 633-2000 for availability. On game day, at the corner of Duval Street and A. Philip Randolph there is an ADA lot near the church that is first-come, first-served. See below for drop off and pick-up procedures for guests with accessibility needs.

Pre-Game Drop Off / Post-Game Pick-Up Procedure


Because all Sports Complex parking lots are for patrons with parking passes only, a designated drop-off location has been created at Gate 1 presented by Dream finders Homes for west side drop off and in Lot C in front of the East Club for drop off to allow a patron with a disability to be dropped off as close as possible to the facility. When entering these locations, please inform the parking attendant and police officer that you are dropping off a guest.

West side of TIAA Bank Field drop-off: Enter Lot M using the Georgia and Adams Street entrance

East side of TIAA Bank Field drop-off: Enter Lot C off of Gator Bowl Blvd.

Please note that vehicles parked or idling in designated lots without a valid pass will be towed at the owner's expense.


Traffic continues to flow away from the stadium for at least 30-45 minutes post-game. Please direct your guest(s) needing assistance to either use the post-game golf cart shuttle service outside Gate 1 or wait at the closest gate location until the traffic pattern is no longer one-way.

For accommodations immediately following the game, please refer to the JTA Gameday Xpress information. The Prime Osborn Park-n-Ride location offers convenient drop-off and pick-up service in the north end zone near Gate 2 presented by Florida Blue.

Prohibited Items

Prohibited items include, without limitation:

• All bags with the exception of a 4.5" x 6.5" or smaller clutch, wallet or clear bag no larger than 12" x 6" x 12"

• Cameras with detachable lenses or lenses longer than six inches

• Clothing with profane or obscene language/content

• Coolers or containers, including cans, cups (except 2020 stadium souvenir cup series)

• Bottles and beverages from outside the stadium (except 1 factory sealed plastic bottle of water 16.9 oz or less per ticket holder)

• Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles

• Inflatables, loungers and other floatation devices

• Knives, guns and any type of weapons (including actual, toy or replica) or explosives

• Laser pointers

• Laptop computers

• Noise makers, whistles, and air horns

• Non-lethal weapons and chemical agents (i.e., pepper spray, mace and tasers)

• Pets (except service animals)

• Seat cushions

• Signs or Banners larger than 2' x 3' (see BANNER POLICY for additional information)

• Sticks or poles (including selfie sticks)

• Strollers or Infant carriers

• Tobacco products (cigarettes, e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco)

• Umbrellas

• Video equipment and tape recorders

All ticket holders and their belongings are subject to search (including by walk-through magnetometers, magnetic wanding, and/or pat down) upon entry into the stadium. By tendering a ticket and entering the stadium, ticket holders consent to such searches and waive any related claims that they may have against the Jaguars, the NFL, its member clubs, the City of Jacksonville, ASM Global and their respective affiliates and agents. If ticket holders elect not to consent to the searches they will be denied entry into the stadium without refund.

Guests may not check items at the gates or in the stadium. Guests will be asked to either store their prohibited items in the Atlantic Self Storage Fan Lockers, take prohibited items back to their vehicles or dispose of prohibited items at the entrance of the stadium. The Jaguars and the stadium partners are NOT responsible for items left behind, lost, stolen, or damaged. Possession of prohibited items is grounds for ejection from the stadium. Game tickets will be forfeited.


TIAA bank Field has over 52 restrooms, with 26 for men and 26 for women, located throughout the stadium. Diaper changing tables and accessible facilities are available in all restrooms. Smoking is not permitted in any restroom in the stadium.

Sensory Room/Sensory Bags

The sensory room is located in the south end of the stadium on the plaza level at the Baptist Health Mom Pods. Sensory bags are available for guests to check out at all Guest Service Booths to enhance the guest's experience at the stadium. Sensory bags include items such as noise-cancelling headphones, mood meter and fidget toys. Guests can also check out a weighted blanket for the duration of the event. All items must be returned to the proper Guest Service Booth prior to leaving the stadium.

Service Animals

Service animals are permitted inside TIAA Bank Field. Please email

TTY Phone Number

The Jaguars Ticket Office is equipped with a TTY line at (904) 633-2202.

Wheelchair Escort Service

Wheelchair escort service is available at all perimeter gates of the stadium. This service will bring you from the perimeter gate to your seat. Wheelchair escort service will return after the game for pick up at your seat and return you to your original perimeter entry gate. Please note that if you need a wheelchair for all movements throughout the stadium, it is advised that you bring a wheelchair for your personal use throughout the entire day and contact the Jaguars ticket office at (904) 633-2000 for accessible seating availability. The Jaguars do not offer storage for personal wheelchairs or other accessibility devices in-stadium. The wheelchair escort service is intended to relieve patrons in need of the initial long entry and exit walks.

Prohibited Items

Prohibited Items

Possession of prohibited items is grounds for ejection from the stadium. Game tickets will be forfeited.

Include, without limitation:

·         Cameras with detachable lenses or lenses longer than six inches
· Coolers or containers, including cans, cups (except 2019 souvenir cup purchased in-stadium) and bottles
· Beverages from outside the stadium
· Knives, guns and any type of weapon or explosives
· Laser pointers
· Noise makers, whistles, and air horns
· Pets (except services animals)
· Non clear bags/clutches/wallets larger than 4.5" x 6.5" and any bag larger that is unclear. Clear bags must be no larger than 12" x 6" x 12"
· Seat cushions
· Smoking (except in designated areas)
· Sticks or poles
· Infant carriers/strollers
· Umbrellas
· Video equipment and tape recorders
· Laptop Computers
· Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
· Banners or signs larger than 3 feet by 2 feet