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Aaron Beasley Third-Round Draft Choice Defensive Back, 5-11, 194, West Virginia

(on being selected by Jacksonville) ³I knew I could fit in because coach Coughlin recruited me out of high school.²

(on his speed) ³I don¹t run a good 40, but on the field I¹m on another level. My attitude carries me. I feel that I play good football because my attitude carries me enough that I can play good football and cover people that are faster than me. I mean, I ran 4.5s when the scouts came in, but nobody published that. I feel that I have adequate speed, jut not great speed.²

(on his attitude) ³I hate to lose. That¹s the main thing. If somebody beats me, the next play, as a defensive back, you have to have the attitude that you¹re going to get it back next time. My love for the game carries me.²

(on the Jaguar¹s cornerbacks) ³I don¹t know a lot about them really. My job right now is to come in and try to be the best I can be and maybe take a starting job. I have enough confidence in myself that I can come down there and compete for a job. That¹s my main focus right now, to compete for a job.²

(on being selected in the third round) ³I wanted to go in the third round, at least. I just wanted to be on the first day. I felt I should have been higher. I have confidence in my skills that I should have been higher. I saw some defensive backs that were taken earlier and I feel I compete with all of them. I just want to compete for a job.²


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