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Blake Bortles - Saturday, August 25, 2018

(On the importance of being consistent this season) "It's huge. We talk about it all the time, it's the first thing [Offensive Coordinator] Nathaniel [Hackett] talks about in every offensive meeting is us taking care of the ball. That gives us the best chance to win the game, keeping our defense out of difficult situations, taking care of the ball as much as possible. Stuff's going to happen. There's going to be tipped picks and stuff like that. The one down in the red zone, you can't do that. You've got to get at least get 3 points out of there. It's tough to throw an interception there on the 2 or the 3 or wherever he caught that ball. So we've just got to make better decisions as far as taking care of it."

(On how the offensive line played) "They've been good. It was good to see [Andrew] Norwell and JP [Jermey Parnell] out there playing. Both those guys had some injuries that they were dealing with so to get them back out there and then have [Tyler] Shatley fill in for Brandon [Linder], they did good. I got sacked twice and both of them – one time, my feet got tangled up and the other one I just kind of walked right into the guy Norwell was blocking. They did good in protection and I thought they did really good in the run game and opened up some holes for those guys." 

(On the big plays made by the offense tonight) "Yeah, it was good and there's going to be games where stuff like that happens and then there's going to be games where you get drives, like the first preseason game against New Orleans where it's a 15-play, 4 or 5 yards-a-pop type drive. So I think when you're able to get the opportunities to have those chunk plays, you've got to capitalize on those because those are drive-starters and really gets the momentum going and you can make a big play. Worst-case scenario, it flips the field, you know, so if you do nothing after that, at least you get a chance to back them up. It's all about creating good field position, scoring every chance you get moving the ball. Creating big plays allows you to do a lot of different things." 

(On the 37-yard pass to Donte Moncrief) "They were in man coverage, and we released T.J. [Yeldon], I think it was out of the backfield, and he's been running really good slants all camp long. He's a big guy, he does a good job in press coverage and big arming them in the corner and getting by and getting inside. It was the same exact play that I hit him on last week against Minnesota. He's done a good job as far as winning at the line of scrimmage and making a play once he gets the ball." 

(On Marqise Lee's injury) "That's tough. You hate to see anytime, especially in the preseason, and to a guy like that who's been through what he's been through and plays with the passion that he does and everything that he's put into this team and getting ready for this season. I haven't heard or anything, but obviously hoping for the best for him. It's tough to see." 

(On if the receivers will have to step up with Lee's injury) "Yeah, it'll have to be a similar situation. As kind of the leader of that room and Marqise [Lee] going into his fifth year and being the oldest guy in that room, with him going down, it's going to have to be some guys stepping up. You got to see a little bit of that tonight with Donte [Moncrief] getting some balls, but all those guys are going to have to step up and play big." 

(On the confidence level in having young receivers step up) "It's kind of unfortunate, obviously last year with A-Rob [Allen Robinson] going down and then now with this happening with Marqise, but I think last year, to have that happen and to have Keelan [Cole] and Dede [Westbrook] play a significant amount of time, it significantly kind of matured them and they really grew quickly playing and getting those live reps. I think with the year under their belt, they're only going to be better and continue to have more growth and make more plays and be on top of everything. So everybody's going to have to step up and we're going to have to make plays without Marqise being out there." 

(On the importance of increasing his completion percentage) "Right, and it's just being smart. Kind of like we talked about earlier, tipped picks and stuff like that are going to happen. I'm going to throw interceptions throughout the season, but it's more so not forcing things and making sure we get a completion, we're picking up yards. It's a lot of me and Nathaniel being on the same page and understanding the reason why we called this play. If that's the look they give us and we've got an opportunity to capitalize on it, then take the shot or let's move the ball down the field. If they take away the reason we called the play, then let's get out of here with a completion and get to the next play." 

(On if he'll be disappointed if his percentage numbers don't increase) "Yeah, I think so. Since he's [Hackett] taken over, that's been a big emphasis from him is take care of the ball and get completions. He wants to be efficient and I have no idea but I'd bet that last year was the most check downs that I've ever thrown in my life. As far as getting completions and not forcing stuff down the field into tight windows, being smart with it, and when you're checking it down to T.J., Leonard [Fournette], Corey Grant and some of these guys, it's not a bad option at all." 

(On how much he can learn if he doesn't play next week) "We'll go through this week and obviously get a chance to get a head start on New York if we're not playing and get the go ahead to start watching film on them and getting some work on them in practice. We'll go out there and find ways to try to continue to get better and try to continue to get looks that whether it's Tampa Bay or whether it's New York in Week 1, that we can get good looks against and get some good reps in and try to get ready to go for the first game."