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Blake Bortles - Sunday, September 30, 2018

(On timing on touchdown with Dede [Westbrook]) "It was awesome. He did an incredible job all day getting open. I thought he was special today. We got some good mismatches on him and he ran away from guys. Obviously, Donte [Moncrief] had a big play down the sideline which was good, beating 22 and made the play. The guys up front protected really well and I thought our guys outside did a really good job of winning and getting open. Getting the backs and tight ends involved too. T.J. [Yeldon] with the big check-down. I thought it was a well-executed game plan outside of the turnovers and penalties.

(On how it feels to get it over the top) "It feels good. We were expecting some different things from them. They played us differently last year, then they played really anybody else. They did a good job mixing things up today. They got some good players on the defense, it's a good scheme. That was kind of the plan coming into it. We have to take what they give us and when we get an opportunity take a shot over the top. We had one or two that got out of the pocket. Didn't hang in there long enough to throw it but it was good to get the one to Donte [Moncrief] down the sideline."

(On receivers being open) "I think anybody involved in the concept, they have a really good understanding of what we're trying to do and who we're trying to get open vs. each coverage. They did a good job of explaining what to expect throughout the week with personnel and formations. Guys understand the concept as a whole so it's easy for them to try and get a pick here and a pick there and open it up a little bit."

(On taking advantage of the defensive performance) "Definitely. They played incredible again today. We have to do a better job of hanging on to the ball. I had a tip-pick, two fumbles and some bad penalties. There was some sloppy parts of the game that we have to clean up, but to give them some points to go play with the lead was good."

(On his 23-yard run to start the game) "I don't know. I think more so it kind of eases up the defense a little bit. It makes them be more aware of the possibility of that happening. I think it's what kind of allows us to get Dede [Westbrook] down the field. The linebackers not dropping as deep as they might have and it gives them something else to worry about."

(On T.J. [Yeldon] on the check down) "Yeah it has been huge. Not only does he understand protections really well, he's really good in that as far as picking up guys but he's good out of the backfield. He's got good hands. He understands kind of what we're doing with our concepts, where he needs to be and when he needs to be there. He does a good job making a play with his hands."

(On if the game plan changed when Leonard [Fournette] went out) "Not a lot. For the most part we had one plan and it was whether it was Leonard [Fournette, T.J. [Yeldon] or Corey [Grant] we were going to run those guys through it. Nothing really changed when he went out. 

(On if he was locked in from the beginning) "Yeah. They did a good job of disguising some stuff. I think talking about it throughout this past week, I really wanted to push the ball down the field and make up for not doing it last week. I think it was coming along and the big thing this week was just emphasizing only take it if it's there. You do that because that's exactly what they're trying to do to kind of bait you into throwing one into some coverage. When you get the ball to Corey [Grant], T.J. [Yeldon] and some of these guys in space it's a 10-15 yard gain every time so it's just positive getting a big chunk."

(On the receiver corps) "Those guys come to work every day and do a really good job throughout the week. To watch them be able to transition and be able to put that on the field and put that on tape on Sundays is special. It's what we have grown to expect from them."

(On how concerning Leonard [Fournette] injury is to the offense) "Of course we'd love to have him. I think everybody knows how good of a player he is and what he brings to the team and our offense when he's on the field. We've had a good amount of games without him so I think guys are used to playing without him and guys kind of take pride in picking up slack when he's not out there. The yardage he would have and the plays that he would make and create, we have to kind of disperse elsewhere. I think guys kind of shoulder that really well and do a good job of making up for it."

(On if he was surprised Doug [Marrone] called going for two at the end) "I just work here."