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Blake Bortles - Thursday, August 9, 2018

(On if the first drive felt comfortable) "Yeah it did. It is kind of what we want to do. How we want to be as an offense is to be able to do what we did last year and do it better. We want to run the football and we want to do a lot of things off of that, so I think to go out there without two offensive starting linemen and move the ball in the run game the way we did and hold up in the pass protection, I thought it was extremely impressive from the guys up front."

(On what he's learned about Cody Kessler) "As a quarterback, it is easy to look good in practice when no one can hit you and you kind of find out who you are as a player when you go play against live competition and I thought he was awesome. Like you said, he's had a really good camp. He's a smart kid and he's picked up everything extremely quickly and to watch him go out there and run the offense and move the ball the way he did, it was fun to watch."

(On if the first drive felt like a natural progression) "Yeah it did. We were kind of talking about it, joking about it, that it kind of felt like we never left. Like we kind of picked up where we left off last year. It felt good. There's obviously some things we need to fix out of those 15 plays. Some things we could have done better and I think overall as a first team offense, it was a successful outing."

(On how he helps Tanner Lee with his pocket presence) "It's his first NFL experience and he was playing against his hometown team, he was fired up. He did some good things. He had some opportunities and did some things well. It's just all part of the learning and growing process and figuring things out. It's a bit of a different speed than playing college football. The preseason is even a little different than the regular season, so it'll come with experience and the more opportunities he gets, the better he will be."

(On the original call for the touchdown play) "It was just a naked [bootleg], we were trying to get somebody in motion across the formation, trying to sneak them back out the other way. See if we can get some of those guys kind of tucking inside a little bit. They did a good job of staying out there and kind of covering everything up and kind of just had an opening. Everybody turned around and looked at receivers so there was nobody for me."

(On building from last year's success but starting over) "I think as far as picking up right where we left off with [Offensive Coordinator] Nathaniel Hackett being back and the same offensive coordinator running the same plays. For the most part, it's the same guys out there on the field together. What [Head Coach] Doug [Marrone] said is exactly right, you start over every year. Nothing matters from the last year or the past. You've got to find a way to go win football games and get where you want to be. It's definitely that."

(On his success under Offensive Coordinator Nathaniel Hackett) "Yeah. He's got a really good system and a system that obviously he loves and I've come to love and buy in to. It works great. It's black and white. You are never maybe wrong. You're either wrong or you're right in what you do. Everything is pretty clear. I'd say more so the things we were doing last year, we are just kind of taking them to another level. How to get through reads and progressions quicker based off of different things and stuff like that. It's always evolving. There's always new plays and new stuff to do."

(On if that has made him a better quarterback) "I think anytime you stay with an offensive coordinator for sure more than one year but the longer that relationship goes the more you learn and learn and learn. The more time you spend with that person and studying over everything you are not having to learn a new system. I think it will only continue to get better."