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Blake Bortles - Wednesday, August 1, 2018

(On DJ Chark Jr.) "He has been awesome. He has gotten better each and every day. We talk about it in the quarterback room all the time. He is definitely headed in the right direction and on the right track. He obviously has the physical tools that you can't really coach as far as size and speed and the ability to go get the ball and make plays and he is an open book. He learns as much as he can or retains as much information as he can, and he is improving each and every day. He is fun to watch and someone that has become more fun to watch him get better."

(On Dede Westbrook always being in the right spot) "He is a really good football player and he has a knack for how to play football. He is not always the biggest, strongest or the fastest. He knows what he has. He knows what he does well and he knows how to beat guys. He does a good job of getting the right leverage and leaning on guys and doing a good job in man [coverage]. In zone coverage he knows where to get and he knows when to get there. It is nice and relaxing as a quarterback that when I get ready to let this ball go that he is going to be in the right place at the right time. He has proven to be able to do that consistently day-in and day-out at this camp."

(On Jalen Ramsey being back) "He brings a whole different level of competitiveness. As far as having him and A.J. [Bouye] opposite each other. They are both really good corners. Two of the best in the league. No doubt about that. Obviously, him and the personality that he has as far as challenging guys and chirping guys and getting in guys' ears. I think it is good. It is all friendly competition. It is going to make everyone better and I think it will prepare us for whoever we play throughout the season."

(On if he wants to test Jalen or avoid his side) "I love throwing at him, throwing at him as much as we can because he makes our guys better. If you catch a ball on Jalen, that is a good route. He is going to make you earn it. It challenges those guys. I like challenging him as well. There are times in games where people avoid him, so to evenly disperse – I treat it in practice, just go through the reads, pick a side, don't worry about who is playing corner. We have two really good ones. Through the game week, in preparation, there are some guys you throw away from or don't throw at as much, but I think it is important in practice to go through the reads and progressions and whoever is running the routes has to try to win against whoever is guarding him."

(On if he ever feels the itch to face a different opponent during training camp) "Probably more so for the guys up front that are hitting the same people every day. I am sure they are tired of seeing the same faces. I think for me or a quarterback it is fun to go see a different scheme. Go see something different. We go against our defense and [Defensive Coordinator Todd] Wash's scheme every single day, so to go up and practice against a Minnesota who has a really good defense with a really good coordinator and a really good scheme. It will be fun to go up there and get some work against the stuff they do."

(On benefitting from the defense being so competitive and locked in) "That all helps us out. It is impressive to watch. That is a close-knit group. Getting a chance to play against them every day and watching the way they feed off each other and the way they string good plays together. It is a snowball effect. Once they start playing good and rolling, it is kind of hard to turn that around as an offense. They get their emotions and they are flying around. It is always a good challenge for us as far as they might beat us two or three plays in a row, but we have to find a way to overcome something and create some plays and do some stuff because that is going to happen in a game."

(On his thoughts about critics who doubt the team's chances because of the quarterback) "It is all in the same category of people just saying whatever they want. I don't care. I come to work every day and try to get better and once the season starts to try to help this team win football games and doing that in whatever way I can."

(On his consistency) "I think the positive is that the lows aren't near as low as they were. They are still up and down, which is going to be when you play our defense every day. I think the floor has risen – the lows aren't as bad. It is one, two, three bad plays, compared to where there were times last year where I would go a whole day of having a bad practice and not really feel good about it. I think as long as you continue to make those lows not quite as bad as they had been in the past, I think we will have a chance."

(On if he's had a bad practice) "No, we have done a good job as a group. Whether it is a period or a couple plays or three plays in a row where the defense has got us. We have done a good job of overcoming that and having successful plays being strung together, a good drive or a good series or a good period or whatever the situation may be."

(On Andrew Norwell) "He has been incredible. He is intense. He is the perfect guard. Obviously fits the physical stereotype and he has the perfect mindset and personality to be a mean grinder, beat them up guy in the trenches. He loves doing it and he is really good at it. I think he has fit in perfectly with those four other guys up front. Once we got the pads on you are able to see how good of a football player he is and why he was brought here and given all that money. It has been fun to watch him play."

(On Doug Marrone relishing the opportunity to work with the offensive line) "I would imagine, I have no idea what that feeling is like, but I would imagine it is pretty cool. He is an offensive lineman. He was an offensive line coach. To get the opportunity and be hands on with the offensive line, I am sure is something that he enjoys doing and is happy to be able to do that. I know those guys respect him as an offensive line coach and the stuff that he gives them technique wise and all that, so I know they enjoy having him there."

(On A.J. Cann) "He has been good. He is always quiet and consistent. He is going into his fourth year. You don't ever have to worry about him. He is going to play. He is going to do his job. You are not going to hear about him. You are not going to get hit from a block that he missed or anything like that. He is really consistent and does his job extremely well. He is super accountable and dependable."