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Calais Campbell - Sunday, September 30, 2018

(On if the defense was angry about their performance) "We made a lot of mistakes, you know, that we can clean up. Obviously, it's hard to get a win in this league. It's a great win, very, very happy with it, but obviously, can't wait to watch the tape and figure out how we can get better because there were a lot of mistakes today on both sides of the ball, special teams and everything else included. For us to go where we want to go, we have to be able to get better even when we win."

(On the defense's performance today) "It's a lot of good ball, it's a lot of good ball. We made a lot of plays that we needed to to win the game, especially early on. It feels good. It feels real good to get a win. Win the quarter, 3-1, set out this next quarter to make sure we start off with a bang and continue to improve and get better."

(On the offense's performance) "First things first, you've got to give respect to the O-Line. Guys had to step in and play, some injuries happened and guys stepped up. Just seeing Blake [Bortles] come in with the troops and get everybody lined up and focused and ready, he's out there like a surgeon, precisely throwing great passes, leading the troops, making the right calls. It's amazing to see him mature into this incredible quarterback. We'll just keep it going, one week at a time."

(On next week's game against a good offense) "Yeah, it's a great challenge. We pride ourselves on being a really good defense, so this is a great challenge for us. We know they have firepower everywhere, so I'm looking forward to the challenge. This defense, we believe in ourselves, so this is an opportunity for us to go and see what happens."