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³On John Fisher, he¹s a running back from Missouri Western. John rushed for 1,274 yards his senior year. The year before he played safety. He blocked five punts the year before. He has outstanding speed. He¹s in the 4.5 range. He¹ll be an outstanding special teams player, and we¹ll play Jon Fisher at strong safety.

The second pick in the sixth round was Chris Doering from the University of Florida. The decision there was we knew that going in today that we would like to accomplish a couple of things from the receiver corps, and we got to this point in the draft. There were some people on the board that had a little better speed, for example, but there was no one even close to the production of Chris Doering. We saw Chris in his career here at Florida. Starting as a walk-on and achieving to the point where he is the leading receiver in touchdowns in the history of the SEC. We saw him in the East-West game. Chris is a guy who has been very, very productive, who brings everything to the table, who I think will be motivated in this situation to prove once again that he can overcome whatever it takes and will be a guy who we¹ll be very happy and very proud to have as a part of our receiver corps here.²

(on which round Doering would be picked ) ³We had him in this spot and he was capable of being taken here or in the top of the seventh round. I think, in taking Chris, it was probably the exact spot where he should have gone.²

(on Doering¹s ability ) ³He¹s not a big, strong guy, but he does have height, he does have manuerverability, he will catch the ball in a crowd, he will knock the other guy down to get the ball. Of course, in the red area, he¹s been extremely productive. I just think he¹s the guy at this point in time that fits this draft very well. No question he¹ll come in and compete for a job.²

(did it matter taking a player from a local college?) ³Not really. The important thing is the quality of the player. You like to understand the level of competition, and he played outstanding collegiate football. It really does not matter where they¹re from ‹ it¹s how they¹re rated.²

(are teams looking at special teams players in the later rounds) ³Not necessarily. I think what you look for is where your football team is. Many teams you see that have a structure are now taking guys that are special teams players. They¹re taking that defensive lineman that¹s an inch short. They¹re taking that running back that¹s 100th of a second off in speed. Many people have an eye toward filling some slots. You¹ll see that happen probably in the next round where some of the people who are taken would have been free agents in another day. So there are various reasons now. I think the big thing is consistency, and that is taking the player who fits what you want to accomplish in multiple areas and not just any one particular area.²

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